Fast Broadcasting Request to revoke fines Shenzhen Supervisory Bureau

Tencent Technology News On December 31st, this year, Shenzhen City Market Supervision Bureau received a fine of 260 million yuan in a quick broadcast and filed a lawsuit with the Shenzhen court requesting that the penalty be revoked. The case was heard in Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court yesterday and the trial lasted for two days. Due to trade secrets involved, the case could not be heard publicly.

Quickcast believes that its behavior is not infringement and should apply the "safe harbor principle". However, the Shenzhen City Supervision Bureau stated that the rapid broadcast has the subjective intention of infringement and has implemented the act of infringing the right of others to disseminate information on the Internet. Quick broadcast through the network from a number of apparently impossible to obtain the authorization to provide infringing and pirated works of the initiative to collect the broadcast address and set the chain, after classification, sorting and recommendations and other editors, included in the fast broadcast mobile terminal built Yunfan Search website for users. These facts show that rapid broadcast has obvious subjective intentions.

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