Millet alliance QQ, mutual win or mutual exclusion?

Editor's note: At 10 o'clock in the morning, Xiaomi and QQ jointly announced the cooperation. The main content of this cooperation is the annual new product of the red rice series. It will be launched on January 4, 2015, in the mobile QQ.

On the last day of 2014, the IT community was not calm. At 10 o'clock in the morning, Xiaomi official released the news. Xiaomi and QQ's red rice products will be launched on January 4. From the official pictures, it should be a red rice product for women. However, the collaboration between Xiaomi and QQ is quite associative.

Red rice expanding women's market

Since the establishment of millet, Xiaomi has been the main target for enthusiasts. The so-called "for fever", the main high-cost low-cost high-cost signs.

In 2011 and 2012, due to the bottleneck of hardware technology, the experience of high-profile and low-profile deployments varied widely. Millet mobile phone soared and achieved rapid growth for several years.

In 2013, with the advancement of hardware technology, the gap between the low-level and high-level machines has narrowed. Millet's timely launch of low-priced red rice series, sales soared.

Today, Red Rice has occupied more than half of Xiaomi's mobile phone sales, making a major contribution to Xiaomi's sales in China in the third quarter of 2014.

However, at the same time as sales expansion, Xiaomi Technology has been exposed to a meager profit. Because millet is good, red rice is also good, target customers are the pursuit of cost-effective users, and their money is more difficult to earn.

The fat in the market is female users and middle-aged male users. Middle-aged male users pursue quality and require workmanship. Female users like fashion and require designs. These two parts of the user do not have much concept of configuration. Low and high prices can make high profits.

As a result, Red Rice's annual new product, for female users, has done a "talented appearance," "light and colorful", "a good thing in pairs" and "abundance". From the leaked photos, the light and colorful appearance is indeed stronger than Xiaomi's “no design is the best design”.

From the configuration point of view, 4.7 inches 720p display, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, 1GB of memory and 8GB body storage space, provides a 2 million pixel front camera and a 8 million pixel rear camera, battery capacity 2200mAh It is a low cost configuration.

Expanding the female market and lowering the profit rate with high prices is the goal of new red rice products. However, most of the media that Xiaomi used to collaborate with were previously tech media, and the users were mainly men. It is necessary to cooperate with QQ to make female products.

Hard to find Tencent hardware entrance

After years of development, Tencent is already one of the three giants in the domestic Internet industry, T in the BAT. QQ users in the early days, Tencent almost no disadvantage, and in the mobile Internet, WeChat is making rapid progress, the number of users soared.

However, Tencent also has Tencent's troubles. In the era of mobile Internet, Tencent has not found a combination of hardware and software, and found its own mobile Internet portal.

Tencent has been rumors of cooperation with a number of mobile phone manufacturers including Nubia, and even once heard that Tencent wants to buy Nokia's meego and do its own operating system. But these rumors and attempts did not eventually become reality. Tencent is still an Internet company without its own hardware entrance.

Not too long ago, Tencent’s old rival 360 cooperated with Cool, and independent of the Cool God, ready to do a great job. Tencent’s task of finding the hardware entrance is even more urgent.

At this point, Xiaomi also needs cooperation. The two sides naturally hit it off. Among them, Tencent can provide Xiaomi no media influence (for female users), Xiaomi can provide Tencent hardware entrance, Xiaomi huge sales and MIUI huge installed capacity is an excellent place for Tencent. Win-win cooperation is naturally easy to achieve, and the prospects for further cooperation are broad.

Future competition

However, relative to the cooperation between Coolpad and 360, Xiaomi and Tencent still have some conflicts. Because Xiaomi is no longer a pure hardware company, Xiaomi Empire already includes media, cloud services, content, e-commerce..., and Tencent’s current value-added income, advertising revenue, and a little APP revenue will also be involved.

In this way, there is a certain conflict of interest between the two. Millet provides hard, but it has its own softness. The softness of Tencent's soft and millet's soft coordination, the avoidance of conflicts, and the realization of a win-win situation is a difficult task. It will require coordination between the two in future cooperation.

In the Internet industry, BAT's three giants, in addition to Tencent have not yet reached the hardware landing, in the smart phone industry, Huawei, millet, Lenovo's three giants, only the soft millet is worth mentioning.

If Xiaomi and Tencent can strategically cooperate, the fighting power that erupts will shake the entire industry. However, there is a certain conflict of interest between the two, and the extent to which they can cooperate needs observation.
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