4G video distribution center will be open to television stations and video content production agencies

On December 24, CCTV and China Mobile Communications Corporation formally signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing. Hu Zhanfan, chief of CCTV, said at the meeting that CCTV and China Mobile have cooperated to build a 4G video distribution center in response to the central call and actively promoted media integration.

In response to the central call, CCTV media integration has taken a big step forward

Hu Taichang pointed out that CCTV and mobile have launched a comprehensive 4G strategic cooperation. CCTV is conscientiously implementing the spirit of the important speech of the General Secretary of the Internship Jinping on media integration and the Central Government’s Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Integration and Development of Traditional Media and New Media to build a fusion. An important measure of the development of modern communication systems.

The 4G Video Distribution Center, as a key project and an important focus for CCTV to speed up the development of media convergence, insists on advanced technology as a support and content construction as the foundation, and builds CCTV as soon as possible with world-class new mainstream media and new media groups with distinctive video characteristics. It is of great strategic importance.

4G video distribution center will be open to national television stations and video content production agencies

In the project cooperation of the 4G video distribution center, CCTV builds a 4G mobile TV content aggregation and integration broadcast control platform, which is responsible for the aggregation and broadcast control of sources; China Mobile is responsible for building a 4G mobile TV distribution platform and operation support system.

Hu Taichang pointed out that this kind of cross-border integration will greatly facilitate the exertion of many advantages, including the authoritative information, video content and brand advantages of CCTV. It will take advantage of China Mobile’s user channels, technology platforms, and market services to follow the mobile Internet. It is the 4G network's dissemination law. It promotes core values ​​of socialism with its high quality, high quality, high quality, and the superior video content that people love to see.

4G Video Distribution Center will provide high-quality video content and convenient services for the majority of mobile phone users. At the same time, it will also open up to national television stations and video content production agencies, provide professional communication technology services, explore new modes of operation for 4G video industry, and promote China. The integration of video and new media industry, building a green, healthy and orderly development of 4G video media ecosystem.

Accelerate the promotion of media integration and the task is urgent

Hu Taichang pointed out that promoting the development of media integration is an important and urgent political task. It is also a strategic choice for CCTV to meet challenges and accelerate development. CCTV will use 3 to 5 years of time, with video as the core, news as the leader, and user as the center, to enhance information production and service capabilities, and create a super brand, large-scale user scale and deeply loved by users, especially young users. The entire media content and product clusters are constructed with a new type of communication system featuring advanced technology, diverse forms, multiple channels, extensive coverage, fast dissemination, and multi-screen interaction. Where is the customer's service and where is the CCTV service?

At the same time, it actively explored the mode of external cooperation for industrial integration, formed new media formats and large-scale video industry clusters with “content+platform+terminal+user” diversity, led the development of China’s television and video industry, and formed a new video media ecosystem. , build a new media group with strong strength and strong innovation capabilities.

To achieve this strategic goal of media integration and development, CCTV will proceed in three areas.

The first is to promote the overall layout. CCTV regards the integration of Taiwan's network as a leader's project, a leader in engineering, and integrates multiple development models such as internal integration, external cooperation, mechanism integration, system integration, cross-border integration, and content integration, and explores the path of convergence and development. At the same time, CCTV's new media plan will be strengthened, new media resources will be further consolidated, resource allocation will be optimized, and the integrated development infrastructure will be consolidated. With CCTV as the main body, we will accelerate the construction and expansion of CCTV's new media platform. CCTV New Media Research Institute was established to accelerate the development and application of new technologies.

The second is to promote key projects. CCTV selected key projects involving the overall situation, pressing tasks, mature implementation conditions, and significant construction effects as breakthroughs, and quickly promoted integration and development. In addition to the 4G video distribution center signed today, the key projects being promoted and planned by CCTV are: building a multimedia news integration platform under the brand of “CCTV News”; and building a multi-terminal centered on “CCTV”. Super video client platform; building a smart TV platform to seize the "living room entrance"; facing the world, build a new platform for the international dissemination of new channels.

The third is to promote the system and mechanism. CCTV will increase its investment in Taiwan's network integration projects, especially the new media business. Promoting the restructuring and listing of CCTV network, establishing a truly corporatized operating mechanism as soon as possible and focusing on solving the problems of the institutional mechanisms under development. Establish stable and diversified financing channels to achieve leapfrog development. Study and establish a comprehensive cross-media assessment system to further promote media integration with cross-media communication effectiveness evaluation.

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