PK millet box Skyworth New Year's Efforts to Launch OTT HD Box

According to the news, Skyworth Box M300 will be sold at 10:00 am on January 8th, with the main "highest price-performance box". As early as last year, Skyworth and Iqiyi entered the OTT box and achieved an excellent record online. After exposing a series of concept drawings, Skyworth M300 made a direct spot reservation. Currently, there is a 50-yuan discount for the appointment. The same chip manufacturer also has four cores, and the price/performance ratio is obviously much higher than that of the millet box.

Dual channel WiFi design

From the parameter point of view, Skyworth box M300 WIFI configuration and Xiaomi box slightly better, using dual-channel WIFI, the user's actual scene data transmission faster than single channel more than 30%. Skyworth Box M300 is specially optimized on the base of the dual channel design. From the official test data, the 100M exclusive bandwidth is measured at the same distance of 50 meters/80 meters and tested at a different angle from the router. The throughput value of Skyworth Box M300 (Mbps) is much higher than the millet box. In addition, the 8G storage space used by Skyworth Box M300 has a larger body storage than Xiaomi's 4G.

Cooperate with Mango TV to launch more episodes

According to Jingdong official booking information display, Skyworth Box M300 will position itself as the most cost-effective box under 299 yuan, not only focusing on the user's ultimate video experience, but also avoiding the problem of over-priced products (the current big brands are still in the same configuration More than 300 yuan). Skyworth Box M300 uses a dual-antenna WIFI and enjoys a 300M high-speed network to ensure the fast and stable Internet access of the box. At the same time, using a multi-format multi-stream decoding method, the decoding is more stable and efficient, ensures stable and smooth video playback, and supports the playback of more video formats. At the same time, Skyworth mentioned that Skyworth M300's content provider Mango TV and Hunan Broadcasting and TV Group are the seven largest licensees with the largest CDN input and the strongest service. For example, at present, I am a singer, a daddy, a first grader, a daily upwards, and a happy variety base. I keep the latest updated exclusive variety content, and there is also the latest update of the ancient costume giant Wu Zetian. According to reports, since 2015, Hunan Satellite TV's variety shows are no longer authorized for broadcast by other platforms, which means that only Hunan Satellite TV's own broadcast control platform can be seen. The M300 is undoubtedly the most attractive for the Arts Powder.

Control through WeChat

In addition, Skyworth Box M300 is also deeply integrated with Tencent WeChat to create a WeChat home theater and has developed a series of interesting features, including WeChat family albums, Wechat episodes, and WeChat search. Among them, the WeChat family album is focused on after scanning the QR code, and the photo can be transferred to the box through the WeChat dialogue function and shared with family members. Photo transfer of family albums is not limited by time and location, and supports all mobile phones as long as your phone has a QR code scanning function. There is also a micro-new remote control function. In addition to the remote control, the box can be remotely controlled via the mobile WeChat, eliminating the trouble of downloading the APP remote control box from the mobile phone.

The three major brands together

Skyworth box M300 PK millet box, Skyworth in the traditional industry certainly does not have an advantage in Internet marketing, Xiaomi technology is currently on the Internet outlet, its products are not fire is difficult, but Skyworth's 17 years of set-top box design and manufacturing experience to create Skyworth The box product itself must not be overlooked. With reference to the successful transformation of Skyworth TV in the Internet TV, Skyworth through the independent core of innovation and R & D, coupled with supply chain cost control advantages lower than the millet box pricing strategy, M300 will inevitably become Millet box made a strong opponent. Whether it will be able to successfully defeat the millet box will only wait for the market to test after listing. We will wait and see.

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