It's not just smart Skyworth pushing the old TV segment

From heavy CRT TVs to ultra-thin flat-screen TVs, from the lavish digital HD to the now-ubiquitous internet intelligence, with the progress of the times, the development of television has gone from technology to design and experience. The new direction continues to move forward.

But just like smartphones or tablets came out at the beginning of the year, fresh tech stuff seems to be just young people's playthings, but TV is a device that faces all members of the family and is the same as home appliances, which requires us to be smart in television. I would like to think more about it.

Not long ago, a Skyworth TV model numbered 42D9 was launched on the domestic e-commerce platform in a low-key manner, throwing away the fashionable smart “outerwear”. How will Skyworth do this for the elderly?

First of all, "big"

If you want to choose a smart phone for your parents, if it is not iPhone 6 Plus, then Apple will definitely not be a good choice, the reason is still the same, in today's big screen, giant screen running in the era, even if your system Obviously, the advantage is that the small screen is still flawed.

Most young people feel that "you can't go back when you're used to the big screen." For older parents and the elderly who have seen a decline in their visual acuity, having a larger viewing area affects the convenience of operation. Even more obvious.

Skyworth 42D9 gave priority to this point in the design of the system. Although the screen size of the television has been large enough, most of the products are still more important in the design of the text logo and icon, and the design is not obvious enough.

And Skyworth 42D9 is "unusual", for the elderly users to the operator interface for a new design, the screen prompts appear on the TV, have carried out a large font processing, including tips for the use of mute, standby, but also use very Large icons are displayed so that older users will never be blinded.

In addition, Skyworth 42D9 random standard remote control design is also ingenious, the use of "big remote control big button" concept, especially the digital button has been particularly eye-catching increase in processing, so that the product for the sake of the elderly "big" not only stay on the screen on.

Secondly, "ring"

With the increase of age, the human body's own hearing loss, can not hear the sound of the horn, watching TV "there is no sound picture" is the elderly TV need to solve the problem.

To this end, Skyworth 42D9 makes adjustments to the volume of the TV, so that the overall volume is greater, so that the internal volume of the television presets more in line with the elderly's ability to perceive the sound.

More creatively, on Skyworth 42D9, Skyworth also made use of sound to do a very practical thing for the elderly TV - use a buzzer to find the remote control.

With the advent of TV remote control, finding a remote control became a "must-have job" for many people watching TV. However, in Skyworth 42D9, users can simply use the remote control button on the back of the TV to start. The buzzer set in the remote controller can be said that even if it is not for the old user group, all consumers have a hard demand for the function of finding the remote controller.

Old TV opens up new categories of product categories

From flat-panel TVs to smart TVs, all TV industry products seem to be moving in one direction, until the advent of Skyworth's 42D9 old TV allowed us to see that brands want to make the TV industry more segmented.

Of course, this is not just verbally talking about it. From the concept of the product itself, we have seen a number of practical improvements to Skyworth's 42D9 on specific product groups for users. Perhaps this is really a new direction for TV products. An important sign.

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