Meiya Brother Brothers PT-P700 Label Printer with Domestic Compatible Ribbon & Computer End Operation

In fact, I originally wanted to buy a Brother PT-1230 label printer. The history of the US and Asia should be a low price of 20 knives.

Then wait and see for a month, rising up and down, the price is down, while found on Taobao handheld PT-E100B is only 260 yuan

Taobao search link

This is a bit tangled, and the United States and Asia direct mail label printers, a single can only 2, and more directly to remind the excess number range, although the PT-1230 freight is low, but the difference with the handheld will not be greater than one hundred yuan. At the same time, the PT-P700 in the United States and Asia are also falling prices into the historical low of 2 months, decisively, although not handheld convenience, but the upgrade from the 12mm width tag to 24mm, and the computer editing is better than no hit It is more convenient to hold the full keyboard.

It can be seen that December 3 was a low price for a few months (the price was too far in September), and then it fell slightly. As a result, on Dec. 19, another limit-down version returned to 12-03. Price so amazing!

Meyer order screenshots, buy 2 direct mail shipping costs $15.87, absolutely cost-effective (single 3 pounds, 1 pound box, take the transfer direct 7 pounds +)

After the 4th, to the 10th, I do not know how this happened. There is progress on the United States and Asia.

The progress of immigration: Chicago on the 10th, China’s clearance at the same time on the 16th, and the transition from Tianjin to China’s Amazon, arriving on the 19th

Insert a domestic brother's official website price, can not bear to look directly, Taobao sells seven or eight hundred purchase, I do not know how the buyer thinks, the United States and Asia do not have to do dual currency cards, direct UnionPay can buy ah China Merchants Bank’s UnionPay single currency is also 10 times or 5 times points on Meiya (the recent event, the discount on the double currency)

Label band, direct domestic compatible products, the so-called 4 generation 19 yuan / roll, 5 generation stronger viscous 29 yuan / volume, brother brand genuine more than 100 / volume, it should only be X enterprise procurement will enter it.

Before the label tape is used, it needs to be rolled (less than half a circle). The twist of the roll is a ribbon for thermal transfer. There may be too many ribbons to the back.

The front of the package, but the 2-year warranty is no longer needed

Reverse packaging

Side, Introduction to Ribbon Width

See the lower right corner, made in China, comes with ribbon produced in Japan? !

Take the electronic scale called, 3 pounds /

2 cartons, nearly 1 pound

Open, environmentally friendly packaging

24mm width label tape included with box

It should be black and white

Power Adapter

12V, 2A, positive and negative external socket

Remove the instructions to reveal the body

Take away the labeling machine and expose the data cable (it is still the MINI USB interface, why isn't it the Micro USB interface?)

Label machine body, pretty adorable

Bottom, battery compartment

No. 5 battery to be loaded with a pile of lithium battery

Label machine PG, power interface and data line interface

The top, 3 buttons, switch keys, cropping keys, and keys used when the labeler comes with the editor or P-touch Editor 5.1 (press and hold this key, after the light goes out, the computer is required by default Operation with P-touch Editor 5.1 Software)

Open the side of the label machine and install the label

Homemade color generation loading

Buy 2 kinds, the so-called 5th generation is useless

After loading the ribbon, the outside of the machine can see the margin

Tried down, wondering how many times the font size and character type should be tested

The following is the computer operation process

There are two types of editing software, one is a USB flash drive and the other is a simple version that comes with the computer. The other one needs a driver and P-touch Editor 5.1 to perform complicated editing.

(Wipe, I have finished writing, the result was forced to refresh, the second time.. Browser or SMZDM problem, ah, from the beginning to re-code words)

Comes with software, similar to U disk inserted into the computer

It's simple, open it, double click on the longest like icon

The basic page is still pretty full

The font is basically enough

Print options, can be cut, with icons

With self branch function

Make a carriage return on the line, the font is reduced by half

Want to try subsection cutting, the results can not

Using the software side, you need to download the driver, and P-touch Editor 5.1 this software, the brother of the official website under the software also need to enter the device serial number, so put the WIN7 64-bit software and driver download connection (should be universal 0

P-touch Editor 5.1 (WIN7 64-bit)

Driver (WIN7 64-bit)

Do not install the driver, open the software will prompt you not installed driver. . . . . Actually not integrated package

A lot of templates, the upper left corner of the hook, will connect to the database more than a few (looks like even on the network, but will not download to the local after use, the next time you have to tick)

Cable printing module, quite complete

Lose text, OK

The flowerpot label, TX of the plant can be used, and it is still troublesome for the label on the nursery box. It is confused and confused about the preparation of seedlings before flowering.

Note: The template has a corresponding label tape width requirements, such as this is 18mm