120 inches really cool! BENQ BenQ I700 Smart Projector Reviews

Thank CCAV, thank Aunt Zhang, gave me another chance to test. This time, I did not report much hope because the news on the day of the end of the test was returned. As a result, Xiaobian MM No. 15 called me and told me that when I was lucky, I was overjoyed. ! As a silk screen projection user, the impression of home projector quality still stays at a resolution of 1024X768 units of projection and friends to buy the level of micro-projection, previously only seen in commercial presentations HD projection, this time have the opportunity to try it out, It is also the first projector in the world to have 1080p, 3D projection and smart systems at the same time, which is really gratifying.

The front also said that the projection of the previous contact was relatively poor, so the praise of this projector will be more, may be more like a gun. Again this early warning I like to say good things, and then everyone says I am a gunman. . . I am sincere, aside from all the testimonials that are paid for by myself, and each one is a real feeling for my own use. There are also many complaints about the defects of the product, even if the bullets are from the lungs of the gun. what . I used to be called a sun packer because I used to wear a lot of backpacks. Now I have more guns written. We can change it to guns. .

Formally open the sun below. Again, because the text tends to be in the style of guns and bullets, all the officers and gentlemen spray lightly.

The first is the opening part.

The feeling of express delivery is: a big box. . . Compared with the above 5-inch Z1 and the following 80-sided tiles, you can eliminate the brain and fill up the box.

The box was filled with crushed foam and the projector box was wrapped with thick bubble paper to prevent shock.

The box above is very simple, only the product icon, the benq trademark and the following function prompts.

A few stickers were affixed to the back.

The box is very simple, look inside out of the box. Inside the host there is a thick foam shockproof, there are large gaps in all directions, can ensure that the host is fully protected during transport.

The accessories inside are very simple. There is only one main unit, one remote control, one power cord and manual warranty card. The antenna is placed in the instruction bag.

Inside the manual I was too lazy to shoot, but it was just a brief introduction. Detailed instructions? Do you want me to go to the CD? This is a little pit father. . . I think this thing is more like a smart TV. It should have a reliable manual.
The remote is white and the keys are transparent rubber.

Remote control work is acceptable, not bad, nor very delicate feeling. The use of transparent soft buttons may be used to reveal the backlight, but this looks like a cheap universal remote control or air-conditioning remote control, not as elegant as home appliances. Dafa and Matsushita's remote controls are very nice.

In the middle is a cross key and an ok key, I think ok key should be painted color, so look at a group of white no sense of division, strange.

As for the backlight. . . Can't you get green? . . I always have a kind of disobedience. And red, a color that is prone to anger, wins her when she plays games with her wife. My wife looks at the red backlight of the remote control and suddenly bursts of beans make a big move to kill me. How can I do it? (Big mistake, in fact, the red light is a bit dazzling after turning off the lights. It is not very comfortable.)

A cable tie on the power cord is detachable. In fact, there is no cost for this type of tie and it is good to send a good one. It also shows that the manufacturers are sincere and convenient for consumers. However, most of the power cords, including many laptops, do not carry this stuff and are not sincere. Here's a favor for BenQ.

Host. Golden with white, very good-looking, but it is estimated that it is not resistant to dirty, hard to wipe it.

The top appearance is much like a safe with wood.

This projector supports HDMI and MHL inputs using DLP technology.

DLP specific details see Du Niang.

There are switches and some simple adjustment buttons on the body.

There is a small groove above the lens for zoom and focus adjustments.

There is a small cover on the back of the groove that can be pushed open. Inside, there is a knob that should be used to adjust the vertical projection angle.

Front of the projector. On the left is the heat vent, in the middle is the logo, then to the right is the lens, the far right is the remote infrared receiver.

Logo close-up.

The lens has a transparent frosted cover.

The lid is attached to the body by a soft rubber cord.

Projection lens.

The back of the fuselage interface. One hdmi, three usbs, a mini usb, a vga port, a set of color difference ports, an audio input, an audio output. Personally feel that should add an HDMI interface, so that one can connect Blu-ray player, and the other one can access the PC and other devices randomly plugged. In addition, its own line out only 3.5mm interface, I think it would be better to add a fiber port.

There is a button on the bottom of the fuselage, it should be the lifting button of the bracket. However, I did not respond with a few clicks. I didn't respond to plugging in. I thought it was bad. Later, I discovered that there was no spring or electric lift. Instead, it fell by gravity, and there was no damping at all. . .

Just how I did not press down was due to the vertical body, now the fuselage level, lift the front, press the push, the bracket will pop up.

The bracket is not damped and positioned against the back teeth. In the actual adjustment, because only the initial adjustment is needed, the impact is not significant.

The bottom of the fuselage. The raised part of the middle has a screw hole reserved for lifting.

The right rear screw can be turned up and leveled.

2. The following boot, take a look at the effect of the projection.

The time is 12:30 noon. The left heat sink can see the fan inside.

Projection lens.

First select the projection direction. There are four kinds of options: table, ceiling, table rear projection, and ceiling rear projection.

Next is the choice of language. The default language is quite a lot.

Then there is the deformation correction, which can be used after it is completed.

After that, you will be asked whether you want to open the signal source for automatic search and then enter the smart system. Ali cloud system is still not the same as Lynx's box, but it's not much worse. This is not a projection version of Smart TV ~~

The projection distance of the projector can also be, in the distance of about 3.2m, the magnification has not been adjusted to the maximum, the projection width reaches about 3 half tiles, which is about 2.8 meters wide. 120-inch 16:9 screen should be 2.656X1.494m, which means that when the 3.2m has exceeded 120 inches, this time the brightness is not bad, the curtain is not completely shaded, the sun is relatively strong at noon, but the projection screen is very clear. The projection bulb is 2200 lumens, not very bright, but it seems to be enough. 3000 lumens should be very bright.

In addition, the size of the 55-inch TV is 1.21X0.68m, and there is an intuitive contrast below. The blue is a 120-inch screen and the green is a 55-inch screen. Too much difference in size, compared with the 55-inch TV, 120-inch projection is simply a big Mac.

The following picture can intuitively reflect the effect of a 120-inch screen at home. Pay attention to the left side of the screen. It is a door. And below the screen, the left side is a single sofa and the right side is a two-seat sofa. When you started playing the movie, the effect was so shocking that it was called a home theater. In addition, 1080p projection resolution is indeed high, 1.5m basically can not see the point outside, sitting outside to watch 3m, the effect is very clear and delicate. Forgive me for using so much praise. I had only used 1024X768 resolution before, and I already had enough money to shoot at 80-inch resolution. To make a metaphor for the image, is to look at the ipad1 generation, suddenly got a new ipad, you will exclaim the screen really delicate!

There are options in the projected adjustment menu. Here I want to spit it. One option is the test screen.

After opening it has been parked here. . . Nothing happens when I press Alibaba's menu button. Just press the project menu to go back to the above option. This option is closed. In addition, the menu is not pop-up, press ok on the top will not pop up the secondary menu, you need to press the left and right adjustments, according to up and down. I think the logical design of this place is not very friendly and requires software engineers to re-optimize.

The logic of the smart TV box is similar, divided into several sections. The right side of the home page is a video section.

There are not many sources, not very new, but there are also a few relatively new ones, such as gravity.

HD free, good.

The test shows that the clarity is not bad, but personally feel that the gravity of this gravity seems to be 720.

There is also a full version of the X-Men - reversing the future. HD free, more conscience than X meters. This broadcast may feel 1080 HD.

When playing, you can jump up and down by 10 minutes, which is very convenient.

Press fast forward and backward, and fast forward and rewind. However, when playing a video, it is not possible to adjust letters and sharpness. Personally I think it is not convenient and I hope to strengthen it.

You can collect videos. Your favorite videos will appear in the favorites in the lower right corner.

If the movie is seen, it will prompt to continue playing. This is similar to everyone.

In addition, when the sneak peek was heavy, the voice was very small. At one time, I thought that the horn of this cargo would have been too small. As a result, after the children's songs were nearly killed, I tried other movies and found that the volume was normal. This projector with a speaker is a very convenient place, the speaker's voice is still quite large, with the kind of dozens of subwoofer without the kind of split-type desktop speaker volume is similar, not open audio viewing volume is completely acceptable , open a small party volume should also be able to hold live. The voice was very loud when I put the children's songs behind. I just adjusted it from 10 to 6 to feel right. In addition, the volume can only be adjusted from 1 to 10, and the sound will be paused when the volume adjustment button is pressed. It is very unpleasant. I hope to upgrade it and adjust it like a TV. It will be even better if the volume is refined to 15-20.

There is also a 3D source, and this projector supports Shutter 3D. However, because there is no eyeglasses, there is no way to experiment.

To the right is shopping. This is Ali's main business.

The wife is very happy, and she can be happy on the large screen later.

On the right is education. All kinds of children's songs and the like, son is like.

Beva Songs, the son first witnessed such a huge animation of children's songs and looked silly.

In the following is the game section.

Inside the game hall there are also handles and somatosensory games, it is estimated that there will be accessories.

Next is the application.

There is a one-click optimizer inside.

Test 65 points, the results did not change the optimal score, which makes me this obsessive-compulsive disorder patients feel then ah. . .

The input source is switchable. Let's try chromatic aberration and hdmi.

The first is color, there is no gaming machine, connect to the set-top box to try it. Suddenly discovering TV dramas is not bad. Beijing Satellite TV HD is very clear. Connected to the PS4 in the heart, YY play GT racing. . . Too cool! ! !

This is a very close shot, more than 20 cm, so close to see the pixels clearly.

Then try ipad. Great pad!

Put a good night. The son is silly. . .

Paper monsters. I walk away from the reverse! Dad will give it to you again.

In the end, Auntie Zhang was sent. The large version of Aunt Zhang is very happy to see.

Used all the way down and found that I did not read the manual, this projection operation is actually quite simple, used Gehua that pothole set-top box remote control users use this remote control should be alone.

Finally, it shows the oblique cast function. It can be seen from the figure that the projection has been quite awkward. The projector is about 1m from the wall.

This kind of diagonal projection is very convenient, so that the projector does not have to be placed in the middle, so that people can sit in the middle and the projector is on the edge of the sofa. However, after the oblique correction, the projected size will shrink, and the resolution and brightness of the far corner will also be slightly affected. However, it is not much different from the distance.

Overall, this is a very good projection, compared with the ceiling installation, this one is even more with the use of moving.

Summarize the advantages and disadvantages.


1.1080p, 120 inches, the resolution is very good.

2. Bright enough.

3. Built-in TV box, you can play programs without accessing pc and other program sources, it is very convenient.

4. Rich interface.

5. Easy to operate.

6. There are 3D features.


The price is higher, and now the price of 720p may be more appropriate.

Projection adjustment menu needs further optimization

Smart TV belts need to be further optimized.

The work of the remote control needs to be improved, and the layout of the keys needs to be optimized. Here to mention before forgot to say, press the return key is easy to mistakenly press the mute button. I think the key to control the smart system should be independent.

No 3D glasses are included. In fact, sending a pair is a very effective way to seduce the user and buy another. Panasonic's team is like that. If you don't send users, you may not buy them.

Hdmi access only one way, audio input and output only 3.5 interface.

Well, the gun was written here, and everyone asked for a light spray on the gun.