Black five singles: Canon SELPHY CP910 Photo Printer Unboxing Share

As the young diors entering Zhang Aunt's, the recent state can be summarized in twelve words:

--"Solution to poison" - "Resolve poison, buy, buy, buy" - "Has been handcuffed"

First of all, they praised the United States, Asia, and DHL. They did not know whether it was a universal effect or individual character. From NOV.25 to DEC.1, it took less than a week before and after direct mail. The most crucial point is: No one came to me during this time. , did not go through the scan ID card, supplement the consignee information and so on, so this is so cool You know, the difference is not better than Ma Yunqiang’s (duo) logistics experience. You can see that the ALI 11 is so fierce, and AMAZON is also a good fight.

I have seen several pieces of this baby's sun list before, and it may not be creative to write it again. Anyway, sharing the spirit must have something to let more people see exactly what value (duo) to buy (shou) .

Stepping into the topic

Simple and solid packaging

Meiya took great pains to push for lighters


The opening, the simple inner packaging, the cushioning of the inflatable bag, the facts show that inside and outside are very simple and not simple.

No fault, the full price is USD79.99+7.97, which is a good price recently, although it is not the lowest price

When the codeword has been transferred back to 90+

Here are broadcast episodes:

======== I am proud of the plug curve ======

The leader of the family has been working on this product for a long time. Especially after the pregnancy, the baby in the belly is unable to extricate himself from this printer.

I said buy buy buy you see where is right

Then integrated (lazy) down, choose Ma Yun home to find Japanese version

Talk about a good price 780 Bao Shunfeng, arrived in one or two months

Well, wait. Who makes us lazy?

A few days later, the husband of the leading colleague saw the good price recommended by Zhang Aunt and decided to order

Canon Canon SELPHY Hyun-Fei CP910 Portable Wireless Photo Printer White $79.99 + $7.97 Direct Mail China (Approx. ¥550)

(In fact, the same price as I eventually bought)

I went to the key supporting actor at this time - "Husband's family's husband"

What kind of feeling is that, how do you feel?

Can not lag behind, from the beginning of the retort anger brush Aunt Ma and Maya's difficult course

Things are so coincidence that the men’s number 2 appears

Before talking about a good 780 Japanese version is available

However, the increase to 850 is not free shipping

I go again

Decisively from (QIN) food (ZI) its (DUO) force (SHOU)

In the end, there was such a dish

=======Guo Jiao inserted the end of the curve =======

The neon towel looks like it is not (ZHUANG) too (BI)

Messy is also a kind of beauty

Host and various accessories family portrait

Hello everyone, I am the host

It's not really small, it's a little bit narrower than the 4.7 iphone 6, and its size is comparable to the IPAD MINI.

Side to a, 咔嚓

Don't be embarrassed, come closer

Kikubu can not let go

Insert the ribbon, insert the power supply, and prepare the photo paper (five sheets of six inches)


Self-reported door

Self-reported nickname

Set the language and connect with it

Bring Your Own Launch, You Can Do It Without External Reliance

Ready to wait until the leader orders


After a few clicks, I’m going in and out.

In general

It is very convenient to use, (HUA) Section (QIAN) technology to change life

Printed photos are also very fidelity

Tested are iphone shot

If it is replaced with a single-side artifact, it should be better

(Well, in fact, the above figures are shot with SLR, and the boiling technology is limited, the effect is not bad. )

Of course, compared to Polaroid, I prefer to use this product. After all, the picture quality is talkative.

Well, Virgin stickers have been completed, thank you for watching

By the way, I'm looking forward to the upcoming silver dog