【Ebay Good Sharing Session】General Imaging PJ205 ipico LED handheld micro projector

In the past two years, Haitao special fire, watching her friends singly admired the special heart, not only the economic fidelity but also suddenly forced violent explosion (main wallet and flat again) heart itch early

The United States and Asia have seen many of them, but unfortunately they have no special interest. If they want to send mail in the United States, they must purchase more than 35 knives. This is really not good for me who has always advocated rational consumption. Ever so wait, wait and see.

Finally, on a certain day, when the tree wants to be still and the dark winds are high at night, I see EBAY's hand-held projector doing activities to promote sales.

Carefully read the introduction

Carefully looked at the introduction, is for the 4S to do ancillary products, just hand is also the old machine (tossing the motherland hind legs ...), then because of Taobao's help made a further understanding, feel good,

Instantly order, this is the order screenshot

Advantages, you understand

Taobao search link

The next step is payment, and several months ago when PAYPAL was registered, the payment process was very smooth. This contrasts with BestBuy (Best Buy only accepts US Card private, it does not comply with the order, even if the payment has been successfully cut off singles). I am deeply consoled, and the other side of the ocean deeply comforts me.

Bingo, the payment was successful. The following is the mailing, because Free Shipping, so I do not need to bear the freight for the transportation in the United States, the key part of Haitao is the transshipment, I use the stupid bird sea Amoy (thanks to the introduction of the evil spirits and Merchants Bank credit card benefits, sent Five freight vouchers, thanksgiving gratitude. The facts behind prove that my choice is correct. On November 8th, the efficiency is quite good. give it a like

Baby hand,

Stupid birds are all active customs agents, but they have not been taxed. Characters have erupted (maybe also fail to meet tax standards) )

Long-awaited. . . This is an internal inventory chart. ) Data cable, God stick, Z-projection small bracket, wipe cloth, carrying bag (Feeling very well, but why not a portable leather case )

Baby looks

Front view, big logo

Turn to the right side of the figure: Use the chute to adjust the resolution (built-in bayonet, push the projector first, then adjust the resolution)

Rear: Hole Heat Sink Nameplate

Left side: same heat dissipation design, indicator (chute on the chute, projection starts)

Thickness test: less than the height of a pack of cigarettes

Bayonet design: Adjustable interface design, easy access to the hidden microusb interface

Because I really don’t have the habit of wearing or carrying shells, so I searched through the bottom of the box and found only this protective shell. However, testing with other people's mobile phones with a protective cover, no less protection sleeve access is absolutely no pressure, properly

At this point, we all know more or less about this bayonet design, 4S does not want to use the protective cover projection? The fragile shell can't stand it? Rest assured that if you don't, you don't need to watch it.

Design Summary - Talented, Willfulness

Baby introduction (official website): A projector that can be carried by the United States General Imaging Corporation can be carried around, named IPICO (Aibi cool, really cool It applies to iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and third and fourth generation iPods. When users insert the iPhone or iPod into iPico, they can project photos, videos, and movies on the device onto any plane.

IPico weighs 3.35 ounces and is 2/3th the thickness of the iPhone 4. In addition, this pop-up interface on iPico will not require the user to remove the protective cover from the previous device. The maximum size of images that can be placed is up to 50 inches.

This is the official website recommendation video I found from Sohu. It's a small figure. It's different.

Workmanship details (individual): Projector left, right, and many holes on the back of the heat sink to ease the symptoms of fever projection, the front is the logo IPICO, we can see there is a 30pin socket, connect 4S only from the bottom up Push up, there are a plurality of clips, which can effectively fix the height of the apple on the connection, even if the mobile phone sets with no need to remove, this design is very convenient and user-friendly. With sleeves, without sleeves, can be, but also can support the iPod touch entertainment equipment (connected as above) weight is only about 200 grams, very portable, 1500mah of electricity, color analysis and visibility is also good (turn off the lights After the effect is even more inconceivable), the length of the projection can be adjusted, there is a chute on the side, the opening can be projected, the screen size and clarity are adjusted according to the projection distance, the volume is still adjusted by the mobile phone, overall, Very simple. (Someone may wonder how the software that comes with the video I didn't mention, don't worry, look down)

No longer do you have to sit on your arm and turn it around in one hand and watch the movie in bed. Your waist is not hurt and your arms are not sore. This feels so cool.

The following is my evaluation of Meizu's new evaluation conference in bed.

Xiao Bian is testing the new machine feel. . .

Xiaobian boot ing. . .

The boot is successful, enter the main interface. . .

Test the camera performance and image definition of two mobile phones (dedicated Xiaobian). . .

experience feelings

Likes: The picture shows Meizu's new Youku assessment, but also supports Tencent, Sohu, iQiyi, PPS and other major sites, not one by one listed here, the projection effect is good, the room is more than 3 meters high, my myopia 200 , Lying on the bed without wearing glasses under the condition of assessment, see the subtitles in the video properly, no pressure (no subtitles, it seems that the camera capacity still needs to be improved )

Photograph: The front of the chute says that the side chute is built into a bayonet to open or close the projection. Push up again, it is a complete chute. So sometimes in bed, the hand will accidentally touch (slide or slide down), causing the projection screen to become larger and smaller. I was thinking, distance, the size of the projection screen is directly proportional to the resolution, the maximum projection 50 inches. If the chute can have a bayonet in one screen size and it can be fixed, the chute is not easy to move up and down. . If on this basis you can also mark the size of the screen on each bayonet (mainly to facilitate memory, the same place at the same angle, the next projection can be directly pushed to the most suitable screen size location to watch), it is even more like The engineering lions of the products worked hard and the cucumbers were offered to quench their thirst and hunger

Experience - the experience of spending more money

Not to say this thing, but the software ipico! ! ! Because I started playing without a projection, I thought I wasn't under the supporting software problem. But this IPICO is very difficult to find, I use the App store even search less, go to other sites, but new users limit registration (Nyima Yeah, try a multi-channel, first again Rear ) In the end, you can only ask for help on Taobao.com. This is because you want to start the software and you want to see the software first. It was also not possible. Finally I talked about selling software. The result cost me ¥100 (I mean he was kind or not). Finally he told me to let me go to 91 assistants to download, Nyima.

Occasionally, I lend something to my friend, but forgot to call him to download the IPICO software. When reminding him of reminding him, he said that he looked very good and very OK. He took the doubt and went to verify it. Nima. , my 100 oceans, can not afford to hurt it! ! ! Remembering that I previously emailed an American seller, he stated that he could use software to play it.

It seems I silly X.

Hereby love tips: If you do not look at the local video, look at the major sites do not really need to under the software, and for this I wasted money, and later confirmed that the United States is indeed true, my white money what .

Pickpocket, pickpocket. . .

Like friends do not want to try several times, don't be like me.

Want to attach a small video section, unfortunately there are two tragedies, 1 room is buzzing, 2 volume can not be opened, almost no electricity Flash shooting of small projection video, bad technology, I have shot Everyone is free, do not like not to spray

At the end: If the prompt “Going to Sleep in 30 Seconds” appears in the projection, the projection will go to sleep after 30 seconds.

Solution: Just close and re-open the projection. Isn't it simple?