The future smart TV can carry! The prototype is here

Some people say that many televisions support mobile projection screens. This is indeed true. Let me give you an example. The MX4's screen projection function, video viewing is not smooth, playing games is a nonsense. And the MX4's screen projection must have TV support Miracast wireless projection, TV no Miracast mobile phone no problem!

The artifact that we are talking about today has no requirement on the TV. Any TV with HDMI interface can achieve it! LeTV's Wireless HDMI Box (WiHD Screencast Artifact) and previous mobile wireless projection screens have seen tremendous improvements in the experience. Plug it into any TV with HDMI interface and connect wirelessly to the music Max Super mobile phone to display all the operations on the mobile phone screen on the TV in real time. The author had the privilege of watching the demonstration on the spot and could clearly feel that neither the racing game nor the movie can feel the sense of lag in the TV, which is very smooth!

Only need such a small box and a smart phone, you can have the following most advanced smart TV experience:

1, online video, movies, TV shows never limited

The real-time display of the mobile phone's screen on the TV allows you to watch videos, movies, and TVs broadcast on any video site's app online, completely free of SARFT restrictions, and no longer have to worry about too little TV video resources.

2. Inexhaustible video games - mobile games

In addition to an external PS4 game console, playing games on smart TVs has never been more than a joke! There aren't a few game apps. But with wireless HDMI, you can display the games on your phone in real time on your TV. A live racing game was demonstrated. There was no drop frame in the demo, and it was almost unsmooth. And with a mobile phone, it can be manipulated, the sense of screen completely subverts my perception of video games, and playing games can also be played like this.

3, install all the TV software you need - mobile phone software

Do not see smart TV APP, people before the saddle horse sparse. In addition to a few poorly-understood software, there is almost no content of interest, and recently there has been a wave of unprovoked bans. But mobile phones are different. Smart phones have countless software and everything. You only need wireless HDMI to connect your mobile phone, and then you will be able to demonstrate the PPT files, food recipes, weight loss tutorials, and comics on your TV on TV. Who says TV has no software!

4, completely stupid remote control - smart phone

The common smart TV is controlled by a remote controller or an APP. No matter which, it takes a long time to adapt to the screen content and the remote control, which undoubtedly increases the learning cost.

And through the mobile wireless HDMI connection to the TV, the mobile phone is the core and remote control of a smart TV. You can control it just like you can play with a mobile phone. All content is on the mobile phone. What you play will be displayed on the TV in real time. A completely stupid remote control.

This is the smart TV we want. Although it is only a prototype, the penetration rate is very low, but it is born after all and it is very healthy. When wireless HDMI became popular, it was the birth of smart TVs in this era. It is conceivable that in the future, all TVs will be able to integrate this wireless HDMI box and allow mobile content to be directly displayed on the TV without delay. This is a wonderful scene.