Ufax2 digital paperless fax machine NPF201

Because I bought this paperless fax is a small brand, plus after-sales staff perennial direct hyperlinks. There are also holidays during weekends. I still do not send a link, but people do not deal with lazy photos do not want to buy direct search on the first to specify it: after-sales is not very good customer service always asks you to see the graphic instructions tell him to remotely help me operate immediately loaded! ! ! Who will use this thing in the beginning, ah,,,,, (now there is also a QQ mailbox fax function will not be used.)

The old rules first talk. . Why buy this paperless fax machine? . because

Every year is an invoicing year

The front side printed a reversed printing year and the paper was wasted too much. . . . Then there was no toner. Then I was afraid that I would not be able to receive the fax every day. There is more to the province, ah, knowing that it is advertisements and then repeatedly playing positive and negative. . Then suddenly came a really useful contract. . Then I can't see it. . I just have to bite the bullet and say that you send again,,,

Do not talk nonsense that first received is such drops

Open is such a drop

Here is the drop Take it like this

CD manual 5 yuan cash coupons because after sales ignoring people is directly criticized evaluation 哼~~~~~ Phone line USB computer line

Note: For the first time use If you want to use WIFI function You are going to set the process of connecting to a USB link. Do not show the CD installation software Link the machine Open the port Set the wireless and wireless password Then restart ok If the fax is far, you can only use the notebook

Really is a very small model on the map is automatically accepted mode WIFI has been connected

Then there will be a big help in installing the software on the desktop. After that, the wireless fax linked in the wireless network (the red color is because of the busy status after the restart) turns green and starts accepting advertisements and contracts.

When sending is relatively simple in the edit picture file or what is the choice of the fax machine when there is a print option, and then on the preview to see the top right corner to send the current fax

Will go to this interface, then press the machine to dial the fax number and the audio inside will basically hear: Welcome to call ~~~~~~ Then BI~~~

With the completion of the signal fax automatically passed (I first installed the sound card is not seen directly after the driver reinstalled the sound card came back... Fortunately)

After installing an ad for a while, it will basically look at the software in the lower right corner. Look at the faxes that are needed. Those are not.

Do not delete the useful print out then it is useful to back up the computer Small machine can save 2000 faxes can add the memory card

Sending a fax is also very convenient. You can add a lot of numbers at a time. It looks like those advertisements are made with this kind of advertisement. . . . drunk

Next evaluation

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