Every one is rare and there are many things to be photographed: Canon Canon CP910 Black Wireless Photo Printer

Since the family had more babies, the good thing about taking beautiful women was lost by LD. . .

Can only steal the baby camera lens in the night and silently cry. . .

As a lazy cancer patient, she usually silently brushed Aunt Zhang and signed it till she saw it on a certain day.

The baby's photo finally does not always go to print, and finally there are excuses! !

At night, LD called money. Silently waiting for my little black to arrive in the United States.

During the period, I saw many valued friends have received the goods, and even have direct mailing speed comparable to domestic express delivery legends. . Meiya is really a conscience company!

On the morning of Sunday (November 30), the courier beat the door and thought it was milk powder. (U.S. Haitao’s Newcomer 3 batch has been cleared in China for a month; most of them are tears.) ), Suizhong (landlord nearsightedness, did not wear glasses) vaguely see the Amazon seal, heart sneak thief! A direct mail to the United States and Asia really force!


First, incomplete box evaluation articles (since there are other value out of the box, my lazy cancer will be attacked by the way):

CP910 black, although the damaged inflatable bag has been completely damaged when receiving the goods, but the appearance of the carton is still intact.

According to other value-friends, there is a difference between the US version and the domestic version of the carton packaging. The US version seems to have more than two barcodes, as shown in the figure.

Support wifi function (below a specific test), usb is connected to the computer? (I guess ... did not try to use U disk inserted).

Small black, indeed small, a bit like a pupil's lunch box, is more likely to stick dust, dust (Guangzhou CBD dust... Bad review! )

There are slight signs of friction on the surface, and there are no fingerprints on the keys. It is estimated that they are produced by transportation (if there is a flashover, it is the idea of ​​a refurbished machine).

SD card and paper tray box socket.

Ribbon cartridge insertion port

Bottom nameplate, refurbished machine is the sense of sight: nameplate "small photo printer" English translation (special for China?), The fixing screws feel very easy to remove and replace the nameplate. . .

The off-screen, personally feel that the picture quality seems to be a little bit better than the previous generation (no specific parameters, not even picture quality), but the highlights are still overburdened, and the shadows are still dark, scum pixels. The screen is not the focus of the product. It is better to use a map, and use it without tangling it.

Ribbon cartridge and power adapter. The ribbon cassette is the only Japanese product that is not made in china. The power adapter works well. In addition to Chinese, there is more Korean (Chinese and Korean special? Why only the power adapter is Korean...).

Second, use articles:

The US version of the language is available in Chinese, and the power adapter looks like it is universal on the earth. No conversion is required. Due to the unexpected arrival of Xiao Hei (so American and Asian told about December 4), the photo papers were not ready to be bought before, and they were tested using five simple photos.

It should be noted that the US version is not equipped with a dust box, this product is best to print before and after the printer before and after the desktop (area) of the dust, the photographic paper is likely to cause dust into the dust, affect the painting quality.

Small black supports SD card, wifi two kinds of reading ways, come first SD card. (The card is the three stupid 32G pro card that Aunt Zhang found before the channel's median value friend, and the large read/write speed is still acceptable.)

Plug in the card, turn on the machine, automatically enter the browse mode, you can see the preview of the file name, date and slag quality, the device's own PS function selection (brightness, color, color system, beauty effects, time printing, can enter Menu modification), number of print options.

Press to enlarge the preview, slightly less slag. . .

According to the print start, followed by yellow, red, blue, protective film four steps, photo paper will go in and out of the printer body, need to reserve a certain space. With Sd card mode to print a total of 2, are Sony nex micro shot, outdoor lighting, choose daylight white balance, color temperature warmer, one of the normal exposure of a partial blast, another LP beat the dark. Exposure to partial explosion photos out of the color reproduction degree is good (if it seems a bit green, may be the landlord's slag screen color cast), underexposure color becomes very rich.

Original picture and remake:

Wifi link test:

Black can not insert the card into wifi mode.

After the card is rebooted, you can choose to enter the wifi mode. You can set the name and password. There are two kinds of wifi connection modes. One is the connection between black and wireless routers, and one is to identify the connection directly in the wireless network as the device. The landlord chooses the second type. The setting is not complicated and the white can be operated completely.

Wifi print test total 3, 1 use ipad connection, 2 use computer end connection.

Let me talk about the next ipad connection. After Black turns on the wifi mode, the ipad can identify the CP910 in the wireless network. The connection process is relatively simple and will not be described here. Ipad choose to print the picture to print, the operation is not complicated. Ipad's screen effect and print effect is still relatively close (Sure enough, or the landlord's hand-held slag screen color cast).

The saturation of the printout from the phone seems to be lower, and the print is almost colorless.

Finally, the computer is connected to print.

Similarly, the computer first WiFi connected to the black, win comes with a picture browser to select print, automatically identify the black. Here you need to install the driver on your computer. You do not want to use the CD. You can download it on the Canon website.

The photos of the last two computer-end connections selected photos of buildings and flowers and plants. The building was a relatively low-saturation photo. The sadness on the landlord's slag screen could be seen as a grief. It's still green. . .

Flowers and grass that is relatively high saturation, exposure slightly less. The darkness struck me out and gave me a paste Without any details. . .

Third, the use of cost articles:

The current mainstream equipment is about 13 sister sharp weapon imaging equipment including Fuji (Imaging and Printers), Polaroid, LG, etc., imaging equipment price: Polaroid> LG> CP910 ≥ Fuji, Fuji silk photo paper 3.5 yuan/Zhang and Gao Fu Shuai Polaroid 1x yuan / Zhang, LG prices did not pay attention. CP910 ribbon cartridge and photo paper are packaged to buy a ribbon cartridge that can play 36, Taobao about 168 yuan / 108, about 1.5 yuan a cost. This 1.5 yuan is a variety of time costs including taking photos for taking photos. Compared to the other two costs, it is really cheap. . However, the effect is not the same. Cucumber All have their own love, let alone .

Fourth, summary articles

Direct mail at the price of 85 knives, so that the landlord saved a lot of consumables fees, but also let the landlord solve the baby's photo output troubles. The last word summarizes: arrived!

"Care for the concentration of life, confide in feelings and attitudes, stop the moment, stand still and senile, climb the summit for a second, win a second for a second, break the record for a second, harbor the evening light, break the dawn, and miss the memory of remembering the wonderful promotion and the newly married couple becoming parents. There are many things to take pictures in one second " - Eason Chan "Salon"

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