LED lighting pioneer

LED lighting pioneer

Recently, the national high-tech enterprise and the Shenzhen LED listed company of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange held a brand press conference at the Guanlan Lake Golf Club International Conference Center in Dongguan. Many celebrities in the industry, more than 40 media agencies across the country and more than 60 outstanding dealers from the Yangtze River participated in this event. At the meeting, Rectangular LED Lighting officially released a new brand VI and slogan "Refreshing Life", which confirmed the development strategy of the new brand and released a number of competitive new products. Many dealers signed on-site purchase orders with Longfang Co., Ltd. The total order amounted to more than 20 million yuan and a total of 1,130,000 products.

As a leading company in the LED lighting industry, the comprehensive strategic upgrade of this brand of LED lighting may give us some inspiration for the development of the industry.

Quality control, excellence and improvement With the core goal of "Leader of LED innovation prospects", based on its profound understanding of the status quo and development trend of LED chips, packaging, and application technologies, we have continuously developed a variety of new products that meet market demands. In 2014, the new product adopts AC85-265V IC Switching Power Supply wide voltage technology, which greatly expands the application range of the product and improves safety and stability.

The company has established a quality control system with the chairman as the core and the quality assurance department as its core. The quality assurance department has a one-vote veto power over product quality. Further strict quality control, a more responsible attitude, to ensure the quality of each manufactured product, to achieve a comprehensive upgrade of product quality channel model, optimization and upgrading of the company in 2014 will devote all efforts to build a strong brand of LED lighting, the implementation of a long-term brand The flat channel mode of “manufacturers → first-tier distributors (provinces, regions, cities, etc.) → terminal distributors” reduces the channel hierarchy as much as possible, reduces product price increase links, makes product prices more competitive, and allows dealers to obtain reasonable Profit allows consumers to buy affordable products.

Terminal policy, comprehensive upgrade In 2014, LED LED lighting continued to regard terminal construction as its investment focus, and launched its strategy of “100 cities and thousands of shops, winning the terminal” – establishing not less than 1,000 core terminal distributors in 100 major cities nationwide. Standardized management of core terminal distributors, point-to-point tracking, regular theme store promotion activities and terminal roadshow activities to help core terminal distributors increase sales. At the same time, increase the construction of specialty stores, exhibition walls, and door tricks—the store decoration subsidies have been increased by 60% compared with the past, free distribution of exhibition walls, and a 50 percent discount for samples.

Digital platform, effective communication is now the world of the Internet and the era of big data. One-way communication with consumers remains unchanged, and has been gradually abandoned by companies. LED LED lighting, as a leader in LED innovation prospects, has pioneered the digital marketing strategy in the industry and established a dedicated team using new media such as Weibo and Wechat. Operation and maintenance enhance the company's communication and interaction with distributors and consumers across the country, allowing distributors and consumers to obtain the most valuable information in the LED lighting industry.

This series of actions of rectangular LED lighting allows us to see the industry's exploration and breakthrough in the development of LED lighting industry. Dare to abandon the blind competition, low-end expansion of the backward development model, explore technological innovation, quality upgrades, build a new road for brand development. We are delighted at the transformation of rectangular LED lighting, and at the same time hope that more companies can emerge from the cage of price competition and chaos and explore new paths for the development of the industry.

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