Far East lighting 4,500 three-proof lights light the Olympic Bird's Nest

The Olympic National Stadium is known as the "Bird's Nest" because of its unique shape. Recently, the 4500 "three-proof lights" produced by Ningbo Far East Lighting Co., Ltd. installed in the "Bird's Nest" passed the quality acceptance of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. It is understood that these luminaires are installed in the main passage of the Bird's Nest, VIP parking spaces and other ancillary facilities.

Far East Lighting is a lighting manufacturer in Cixi, founded in 1991. "The 'Bird's Nest' bears the heavy responsibility of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. Our lamps can add color to the 'Bird's Nest.' I feel very glorious." Yesterday, Huang Pengxin, Chairman of Ningbo Far East Lighting Co., Ltd., told the company that the lamps can be used. The Olympic Express is mainly due to the company's lighting fixtures and the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee's "Green Olympics" purpose. Huang Pengxin said that the three anti-lights are waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof. They also have the characteristics of energy saving and no light pollution, which is about 40% more energy efficient than ordinary lighting. In August last year, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee selected the three anti-lights of the Far East as one of the "Bird's Nest" lighting fixtures.

“After we received the order, we organized the production carefully, and strictly controlled the quality from the production of parts to assembly. We shipped it to Beijing at the beginning of this year and sent quality inspection personnel to assist in the installation.” Huang Pengxin said that in mid-February, the Olympics related management The department tested all the lamps installed in the Bird's Nest. The lighting indicators of the Far East Three-proof lamps met the lighting requirements determined by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. In addition, the Beijing Olympic Games Qingdao Stadium also selected the three anti-lights of the Far East Company as lighting fixtures.

It is understood that Far East Company successfully developed three anti-lights in 2002 and was listed in the National Torch Program in the second year. Therefore, the company has entered the ranks of national key high-tech enterprises. The three anti-lights have become the leading lamps for the export of Far East. Last year, only 2 million were exported to Europe. The Berlin Avenue in Germany and the Paris Plaza in France all used three anti-lights as lighting fixtures. This is one of the reasons why the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee chose three anti-lights as the "Bird's Nest" lighting fixtures.

Wang Linkang, secretary general of the Municipal Lighting Industry Association, said that Ningbo's lighting appliances have added color to the Olympics and are related to Ningbo, the country's largest outdoor lighting electrical production base. At present, there are thousands of large-scale lighting electrical appliances in the city. Last year, the output value reached more than 13 billion yuan, of which more than 100 lighting electrical appliances with an output value of more than 10 million yuan, and exports more than 3 billion yuan.

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