Dialogue "China's first lamp mother"

Since human history has begun, there will be light in some places. Light is warm and can express time and space. In a metropolis with a population of tens of millions, it must be a sea of ​​light under the night. In this bustling world, the meaning of light has long been more than just lighting, densely paved, is the layer of luxury belonging to the city.

But in addition to streetlights, signboards, and architectural highlights, the lights often play a special role in the city—where a mercury lamp shines brightly everywhere, it is calling us to gather.

It belongs to the biggest topic in 2008 and is naturally the Olympic Games. The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games must be at night, and there must be fewer dazzling lights. At the opening of the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, the lights suddenly and gently gathered on the sailboat in the center of the sea in the venue, and suddenly simulated the stars, reflected on the water, and suddenly the body-building like a Greek sculpture. The person is dyed red alone - when we are intoxicated by these magnificent visual effects, the average person does not think that the lighting designer's ability is really quite good.

This year, we have to look at Beijing. One of the three lighting designers at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is Xiao Lihe, a Shanghai native, and a rare woman in the industry. Although the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is now a state secret, we can't read it, but we can ask the top Asian dance lighting designer to take us to see the spring night, the most beautiful light in Shanghai.

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