Debut first test: outside the game is also a good player, Logitech G102 light test

First of all, thanks to Zhang Aunt. After failing 8 times, she was finally successfully tested. Although this measure is a welfare measure, it seems that the system randomly selects users to be tested, but it is still very exciting. At the time, I just got on the subway and started a long way back home. Because the address was filled with school, so the courier was taken by the laboratory brothers. I got the parcel after returning to school on February 2nd. The evaluation time was tense, although there was a bit of hurry in time, but I have gone as far as possible to assess in detail, but if there is not a comprehensive place, please be worthy of more friends!

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In fact, for myself, I'm not a person who likes to play games. Usually in the dormitory and lab I'm the one who can't fight with other people. And games such as Dota and LOL are never touched. However, as a man, this seems very curious, so the game mouse for me, the game's gimmick does not improve my expectations of the mouse and other hardware, my requirements for peripherals, but more important is the use of the process Comfort and convenience.

Due to the large number of people in this test, you are afraid that you will see vomiting after unpacking and testing. Therefore, let us briefly introduce the development history and different types of the mouse, and then start unpacking and evaluation, and in the text I will try to make some infographics to show Logitech's mouse and avoid bombarding your senses with a large amount of dry text.

First, talk briefly about the history of mouse development

This brief history can be seen from the beginning to the moment of the invention of the mouse, experienced nearly 50 years of wind and rain, from the beginning of the astronomical plaything, has become the most basic configuration of the current personal computer. In the course of its development, Logitech has made a lot of important products. It is estimated that Logitech's position in the mouse world will not have me.

Second, out of the box

In view of the close of the year when the public test began, it is estimated that the aunt can reach the hands of valued friends in time for the public test. This batch of products all use the SF shipment, and have to say that the Aunt really is

A school quickly got the express delivery from her brother.

The good news came. Finally let me see the truth, no need to watch other friends

1. Packing

2. Appearance

3. Details

Third, performance 1.RGB light pollution

For me, it has not always been understood why there are many people who like light pollution, and the hardware that is specially selected to have light pollution at the time of installation may be all right.

Logitech's G102 is the first hardware with RGB light pollution in my hand. In fact, this kind of soft light is still very good after I found it. It may be too many RGB preconceptions before, and it is estimated that it will set off on a burn. Hardware no return

The figure above shows the effect of the original setting of color loop, because individuals like the feeling of blue breathing, so set g102 to monochrome breathing. In the darker condition, it is comfortable not to look at the mouse slowly and brightly.

2. Software

Another big selling point of G102 is that it can use additional game software to achieve some functions such as key position programming and light effect control.

Because the software package is not included in the mouse's own package, the software needs to be downloaded and installed on the Logitech website.

The download interface is like this, you remember to choose the version that fits your own system (I didn't pay attention at first, I gave it wrong, I had to come back again)

Open the software after downloading and installing is this interface, because G102 has onboard memory, so after setting it up, even if you want to change the computer to use, you can also load the previous settings, no need to set again. In addition, you can use this software to scan the computer and recommend the appropriate mouse settings based on the game in the computer.

The second page of the software is used to program six buttons. Here, the function of each button can be assigned according to the actual use situation, and the button speed can also be set. It should be very attractive for players playing various games.

The third page is used to set the mouse glare mode. Originally I was not too sick with RGB light pollution, but after playing various settings here, I had a little rhythm. Four different glare modes can be selected in the light effect setting interface, which can achieve accurate control of light color, including brightness, frequency and other parameters.

The fourth page provides statistical tools for mouse button speeds and times. For me, it can only be used as a plaything to pass the time when you are bored. If you are a professional e-sports player or game fancier, you may still find it useful to practice speed. It.

3. Contrast

The most used mouse was Logitech's wireless mouse M185. It was selected mainly because of the constraints of the data cable. Although it often falls during use, it is still resistant to use, and because I do not play games. , so M185 is still enough for me.

Put the two mice together, you can clearly see the G102 bigger than the M185 circle, after all, is the main game mouse, the volume is greater than the main portable mouse is a normal phenomenon. In terms of buttons, the G102 is significantly more comfortable than the M185. Regardless of the area of ​​the buttons or the feel of the rebound, the G102 is a victory.

From the side, it can be found that although the two mice are different in size, they are similar in height to allow the user to have a better grip when using them. When used, the G102 is better able to fit my hand because of the size of the M185. Smaller, may be more suitable for sister use. Material, because G105 uses a frosted shell, the skin feel better than M185, but not easy to slip, but the long-term use will not encounter the same wear as M185 remains to be tested.

4. Daily use

In a few days of simple trials, in addition to wireless and portable, G102 can fully meet most of my requirements for the mouse, did not let me down in the daily work process, drawing, painting, up to 6000 DPI can be in the 2k screen Provides efficient and accurate movement and positioning, and DPI can be adjusted at any time to meet the needs of different work scenarios. The matte surface and comfortable design can provide a more comfortable grip feeling when used, and it is not easy to feel tired for a long time.

In terms of games, the mouse was handed over to a "senior" LOL player. After one day's use, he gave the evaluation that G102 had a good rebound at the time of use. The positioning was accurate, the key path was moderate, and the most important was light pollution. A lot of ring powder, the friend has already said to start a G102, after all, cost-effective place there.

IV. Summary 1. Advantages

Low price, high cost performance

16.8 million color RGB light pollution power ring powder, add color for daily use

Up to 6000 DPI can be perfectly applied to 2k, 4k high-definition screen, DPI adjustable, accurate positioning

6-key programmable, ideal for game dogs and programmers

With Logitech game software has a higher playability

2. The disadvantage

The cable is too big (personal preference, I still like the wireless mouse)

Frosted materials are prone to wear and tear, affecting the appearance

Installation software does not have installation location selection

3. Summary

As a first choice for entry, G102 is in this price range, and some of the configurations are available. 6000DPI and 16.8 million color light pollution will certainly be more attractive to gamers and light pollution lovers. For everyday use, if you are not pursuing portability and wireless, then G102 can definitely meet most of your requirements. Logitech G102 is a better choice for students who value the hardware but do not have meters.

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