The old computer is rejuvenated! Remix operating system experience ~

Reason for trial

From the student time, until now working in the past two years, from the electronic dictionaries, mp3, mp4, mp5, mobile phone tablet, electronic product replacement is dazzling, the current two years of mobile phone service has been considered relatively long, new things faster The waste that comes with it will be more, and the slower the use of tablets and computers, the harder it won't be eliminated. During the university there was a slab made of a certain cube made in China. The 7-inch flat panel with 600*1024 is already high. Nowadays, 2k screens can be seen everywhere. Now that you use Samsung tabs2, you have to sigh. The technology development is too fast. The biggest problem with using Android tablets is the lack of software, there is no ecological, two or three years ago heard of remixos, it is rather interested, has not had the opportunity to experience, just a long time the home computer did not use, and come to engage in ~~~o (∩ _ ∩) o haha

Download and install

Technical German official website

Login official website to find the installation package

The forum where the official home page goes in, updated 16.08.31, so long... (This is the rhythm of the bankruptcy (● ́∀`●))

Download the compressed package to extract these two files (suffix iso, exe)

Double-click exe to install, find a disk with enough space to install it, will not empty the original file, oh, fool operation ~~

After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart (here the picture is skipped)

After restarting, there will be a bunch of code to run automatically (again, I can't read the main code)

There will be a win and remix system option to start again, which is equivalent to a dual system installed on the computer.

User agreement (do not look) Explanation (do not read)

Install Google Apps ((・・・) Is it really useful? Just install one...)

铛铛铛铛~ Successfully entered the desktop!

experience feelings

The interface is still very simple

The lower right corner is the Android notification bar (this is not what win10 (● ́∀`●)), there is time wifi voice, etc. (click on the small triangle will show all)

The lower left corner is a drawer, back key, home key, download, shop

File Manager (Desktop app is double click open...)

The system comes with application recommendations, there is no qq... System settings (maximized state)

The biggest feature of remix is ​​that the Android application is displayed in a win-like window mode (in fact, zhaoban has a maximum minimized option.)

Let’s start with a basic friend’s market... (It looks like something is being exposed p(# ̄▽ ̄#)o)

Here comes with the browser chrome you can see below the taskbar and win10 exactly the same...

Due to the first use of the relationship, chrome browser does not even have permission to store space, so go to set up inside to find applications to open permissions ~ successfully installed cool market, giving super user rights Downloaded qqhd by the way, there are several small games, the display effect is as follows

Tribal conflict full-screen display effect Note that the mouse will pop up when the mouse is placed in the upper right corner

Due to Android, if the application is maximized from a small window, the software is changed after the restart, and vice versa, this is rather unpleasant, but fortunately the response is quicker and there is nothing to stop.

Twist pain video... It is not maximized. The display is touching (T_T)/~~

If you want to have a full-screen experience, it is recommended to download Dangbei Market, where the tv application is basically compatible. (I accidentally called an advertisement...)

Office software, dealing with simple processing. Office still needs honest PC...

to sum up

Simple to use, if you have an old computer at home, if you have a strong interest in new things, it is worth the experience if you want to use for a long time, hungry... or forget it~


1, Andrews can also have a general pc experience, the screen is larger, you can run multiple tasks at the same time.

2, built-in key mapping, like to play Andrews game classmates, big screen super God easier (played vanity, and mobile phone tablet operation is not the same).

3, a variety of software startup speed is very fast, relatively smooth, basic daily functions can provide. (The page load speed is very fast, it is fuzzy with pc..)

4, easy to install, do not need to add what driver.

5, can install force......


1, common problem of Android big screen, adapt app less, some software crashes. The experience is not good and the playability is not high.

2, firmware is not perfect, less custom projects. (The desktop actually cannot add widgets...).

3, more like win10 after use...

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