Once again guarding the widower's smile - SONY Sony XB80BS waterproof sports Bluetooth headset evaluation and homemade tanned dyeing headset package process sharing

I. Introduction

It is also coincidental that when strolling through the Dafa flagship store, preparing to go in and see the camera, but found that this XB80BS (hereinafter referred to as 80bs) has been on the shopping cart even in the store to buy a discount, because it is new The reason, so whether it is the official website of the gold medal member or an East or a cat has always been 699 original price, the flagship store set up by 150, I am tempted, although a while ago had just bought a QCY sports headphones, but saw a big poster in the woodcutter The smile of the fan, immediately pay for the bill, the widow's smile guarded by me! ! !

Second, buy

Although it belongs to impulsive consumption, it is still first to talk about why this price is lowered into the Jingdong shopping cart. As a runner and fitness enthusiast, it's a little free to go and run. Since the wired headset comes with all kinds of inconvenience, QCY19 was purchased before and it can only satisfy the demand and be worthy of the price. However, the overall comfort, endurance, and workmanship details are all common (of course, the 99 is also a bicycle), so although they are still in use, they are slowly looking for good sports Bluetooth headsets. Let's talk about my request: (The following trade-offs are based solely on their own needs and do not spray other headphones.)

1, first must be a wireless connection to the phone

Do not line Do not line Do not line, before the Sennheiser wired headset, the phone was thrown out when I run to the situation, the phone is not bad, directly to the headphones line breaks, there is wired phone on the phone's placement The requirement is too high. I am used to plugging the headphones into the shorts bag and it is inconvenient to use the cable. Based on the above, for sports headphones, I only choose wireless.

2, do not bring mp3 and all kinds of fancy sports monitoring Bluetooth headset

▼Daifa has several headsets that integrate mp3 functionality. It looks like a wireless headset. In fact, there is no Bluetooth function. You can only listen to the song in the headset. Then you can't call. This is an innovation, but I don’t think it’s enough. Practical, after all, the mobile phone's saliva song direct network download can be, and it is very important to be able to accept/reject the phone during exercise, otherwise it is necessary to stop and take out the mobile phone, and the exercise has to be suspended. The above-mentioned headset Dafa is defined as an integrated sports player, such as WS413.

Sony (SONY) Headphones Integrated MP3/4 Waterproof Music Player Sports Swimming Running WS413 Black 4G Memory WS413588 Yuan Jingdong Direct link

But this headset has a good function, is to bring a microphone, support for the environment mode, that is, you can hear the ambient sound when you run, to know that for sports headphones, this is very practical and safety factor increased sharply.

â–¼ Many manufacturers now have integrated heart rate monitoring, headphones with motion tracking and auxiliary functions, such as

Jabra Pulse professional sports Bluetooth headset (with intelligent heart rate monitoring and professional sports program guidance) 1599 yuan high-quality sports Bluetooth headset with heart rate monitoring Jingdong direct link to Wikipedia

Bose SoundSport Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphone - Red Heart Rate Monitor 1788 yuan Jingdong direct link

▼Sony’s flagship model even joined GPS this year

Sony/Sony SSE-BTR1 Smart Bluetooth Sports Headphone Player Wearable Head Wear MP3 Walkman Dark Gray 1788 Yuan Jingdong Direct Link

These are good headphones, but not for me, the main reason is the duplication of functions, such as heart rate, gps and other functional watches, mobile phone ring can do, why do you want to spend extra money to buy unused features? (In fact, the real reason is poor)

3, carefully choose the neck wear

â–¼We used friend's neck style before, and it is comfortable to use if it is not great exercise, but it is comfortable, but if you exercise for a long time, physical feeling is normal, and all the major problems should know, and we cannot understand completely Fixed, so the area that will hit your own clavicle, in fact, is not a problem to play hurt, the main problem is very uncomfortable to shake and hit, so we carefully choose.

LG Harman/Kardon HBS-900 Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headphones Earphones Stereo Multifunction Stereo Headphones Universal Ring Neck Aurora Silver 699 yuan This LG Electronics TONE INFINIM (China Model LG Harman/Kardon HBS-900) Bluetooth Headset for 14 Years Released, is the flagship sports artifact in the LG Bluetooth headset. Continuation of the classic collar-style design of the Tone series, metallic appearance, headphone weight carried by the neck, no pressure for a long time to wear; support Bluetooth 3.0 and Harman/Ka Jingdong direct link to Wikipedia

Sony (SONY) h.ear in Wireless MDR-EX750BT Wireless Stereo Headphone (Jing Green) 899 yuan SONY Sony Wireless Stereo Headphone Hi-Res Audio, the earphone and NFC-enabled smart phones, music players can be completed with a touch There is no worry about cables or tedious pairing or setting codes. The earphone's unique low-frequency + vocal sound would be extraordinarily cordial and intimate, and the issue of holding the airline for about three days was not significant. Jingdong direct link to encyclopedia

â–¼ finally come to an East 80bs link, often out of stock

Sony (SONY) MDR-XB80BS waterproof sports Bluetooth headset (red) 699 yuan Sony MDR-XB80BS sports Bluetooth headset overall design for the ear-hung type, ear hanging material is rubber, its shape can be adjusted to prevent the shedding when in motion. The MDR-XB80BS also features splash-proof, water-resistant IPX5 that protects the headphones from sweat. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 version, the maximum communication range is about 10m. When connected via Bluetooth, music can be played for up to 7 hours and standby up to approximately 200 hours. Jingdong direct link to encyclopedia

Third, out of the box

â–¼ Now the physical store is really getting less and less, so it's nice to see the shopping bag.

Choose the red color, personal favorite sports color selection of bright colors

â–¼ Made in Vietnam, now Dafa headphones are mostly made in Vietnam or Thailand.

In fact, from the packaging, we can see the current situation of some Dafa. Basically, all Dafa audio products have their own hook holes. The inner layer design is similar to the packaging of mobile phones many years ago. It is not difficult to see that Dafa is still not Even if there are so many black technologies in a true sense, an Internet-thinking company still needs to improve its packaging, marketing, and advertising. Some of the above Tucao may think that they are nitpicking, but this is the overall feeling after I opened a few Dafa products. Although Sony has superb industrial design, core technology and innovative capabilities, but marketing is really close.

▼Impressive of overall industrial design. This is also the foundation of Dafa’s failure to survive for so many years.

â–¼All accessories, data line is micro usb mouth, send a storage package, this is the customary tradition of Dafa audio products, but there is no headset like 100aap like the main color, those headsets will be based on the color with different colors of storage bag After all, this is the main sport.

â–¼ Family portrait, end of the box.

Fourth, use the evaluation
1, parameters and selling points

â–¼ Let's take a look at the main selling points: Bluetooth 4.1, ear-hook wear, *IPX5 (water spray protection level), support for LDAC connection, support for nfc connection, EXTRA BASS bass. Together with the appearance of a bit of beauty, this release goes smoothly into my shopping cart.

2, appearance details, buttons and interfaces

â–¼ each sony logo

â–¼ left ear positive

â–¼ left ear on the back

â–¼ right ear front, prompt light can indicate the power and connection status

â–¼ On the back of the right ear, the small hole is mic. The design is more reasonable at the root, and it is as close as possible to the mouth.

â–¼ On the side of the right ear, the function keys gather, and the overall operation is very clear. They perform their duties without difficulty.

â–¼ right ear bottom corner, charging port hidden inside, microusb interface, versatility is very good, the lid also has a waterproof effect.

â–¼ Four pairs of mixed silicone earplugs (2 for each size of SS/S/M/L) for different ear sizes.

3, body material

â–¼80bs material comfort is very good, the part that contacts the ear is rubber material, the earplug is mixed silica gel, and the rest is a waterproof tape texture material.

4, wearing comfort

This is the age-old problem of sports headphones. The big ones are cumbersome. Small ones are easy to lose. They have long bones and are short of life.

Because the usual 846 is also the ear-hook-style belt method, so wear nothing to adapt to, to Zhang model's figure, wearing good or bad look mainly to see the model is good or bad. The picture that oneself wears is not on, he feels a bit too big, no way, the extra cut is obviously to take care of life. It should be pointed out that if you wear glasses, you may feel a bit of a collision. You should pay attention before buying this product. The sony flagship store temporarily does not provide this type of headphones, so everyone wants to buy it.

The left and right ear connectors are not as soft as you think. Of course, hard and hard are good. After comparing qcy, you will feel that the goods must be broken in minutes. The actual use is much better than qcy19, because the mic and function keys of qcy are independent and asymmetrical design, the center of gravity is one side, long-distance running will pull one ear plug, very bad experience

â–¼80bs function buttons are integrated in the headset, so completely symmetrical design, personally think that this is the best solution for sports headphones.

5, life

â–¼ official endurance parameters: When connecting through BLUETOOTH devices

â–¶ Music playback time: up to about 7 hours

â–¶ Communication time: up to about 7 hours

â–¶ Standby time: up to about 200 hours

The actual use of the music playing time is definitely 7 hours. The talk time is not tested. The standby time is bought for the 5th day. This data is enough for a horse race, and the official charging time is 2 hours.

6, Bluetooth protocol and encoder

â–¼ Support A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP and other protocols, compatibility is very good, with the iPhone, ipad, Huawei, millet and laptop connections around, are a one-time success, Bluetooth connection is very stable, there will be equipment on the connection Battery prompt, as shown below

â–¼ Support SBC*4, AAC*5, aptX, LDAC encoding protocol, in particular LDAC, really texture of dry goods, this technology is designed to solve the problem of music compression, audio quality degradation after Bluetooth transmission, let Bluetooth Can also transmit high-resolution music (96kHz / 24 bit format), LDAC technology data transmission capacity up to three times the existing SBC or AAC technology, you're welcome to say a lot of headphones used atptx, of course, the technology is good However, the road to promotion is very long. Currently only Dafa players and mobile phones support this technology. If you want to use LDAC, you must have both front-end and playback devices supporting LDAC. Unfortunately, there is no Dafa front-end, otherwise you can hear higher resolution. The sound is. Of course, we still like to praise technological innovation.

7, sound quality

First of all, I would like to say that Bluetooth does not want to talk about sound quality in advance, but it is technically limited. This headset focuses on the EXTRA BASS subwoofer, not to mention the sound quality, and to play times and times. Do you understand? Of course, sony is so excusable for this design, this is a bias towards the gym or road running headphones, listening to popular or rhythmic songs is the most used headphones, so more bass is a very secure design , Of course, even if it is definitely worse than wired headphones, but the actual sense of hearing is much better than many Bluetooth headsets I've ever heard. Dafa's technology is settling there, the bass is heavy but not loose, tight and flexible. Can meet the needs of sports.

Five, vegetable scorpion headset package production process sharing

Still decided to do a storage package, after all, fitness exercise running on the consumption of this thing is still very small, this thing should accompany me for a long time, so it is decided to be a storage package, he can only be considered a leather goods barely started, used The texture of vegetative lice is relatively poor, and quilted tired dogs, so the whole process took a total of 10 hours or so, the finished product is relatively rough, we forgive me, the main process of sharing, light spray.

A large 30-foot 3mm vegetable tanned plant was used in almost the same way, but the art was not seen in length. After weaving it to a certain size, it was soaked and prepared for dyeing. The reason why it wasn't first followed by re-staining was because the leather would be dyed after dyeing. A little deformed.

â–¼ Dyeing, orange, I don't really like this orange, but this color is the closest of all my colorants to this 80bs headset, so it will be.

â–¼ dried and then stained, in fact, this process I repeated two or three times, the color is gradually dyed from light to dark.

â–¼ After dyeing is anti-dyed and horse oil

When I cut, I use a rounder when rounding. The advantage is that it is labor-saving and really round. The downside is that it is a lossy round and there is a hole in the middle. Although you can pad something, you can have a better cushion. It's so much trouble. This doesn't start.

â–¼Taking a grooved line, in fact, I have rarely used a slotter, but given the overall style is relatively rough, so I deliberately use back to the groove device, including the back of the thread is also, choose a rough style.

â–¼ Edge banding, this is my worst link, although vegetable tanned is one of the best edged leather, it is still very rough

â–¼Forgot to say that the inside of the patch, the first attempt, the cloth is too small, not happy to cut, will be right

â–¼ In order not to let the inner cloth fall for a long period of time, in addition to the glue, an inner stitch is added and it is perfectly safe.

When you use quilting, you must use this hole to punch holes. Each hole must be operated.

â–¼ On the zipper, a certain treasure to buy the so-called YKK, the friend who made the clothes order told me that all are false, the traces do not use the wavy line, the wavy line I only use in the wallet card package above, rough style is the thick line + Groove + straight track

â–¼ Before sewing photo

â–¼ start work, quilted tired, poor cortex quilt is more tired

â–¼ The first side is good, the zipper is in the middle, so there is no distinction between front and back

â–¼ The second side is better

â–¼Look at how the two faces expand

â–¼Into the headphones, exactly, really tailor-made

â–¼ zipper pull, to be honest the face value is very low, much worse than I imagined, dye + quilting + zipper + cortical difference + poor technology, the final result is not satisfactory, everyone light spray light spray

When he was 214, he sat in a cafe for a while and pressed two casually. When the light was dark, he could barely see it.

Sixth, written at the end

Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the headset

1, advantages

â–¶ Comfortable, personally think that the best design for fitness and running at the current stage;

â–¶ Long battery life, what I need is a Bluetooth headset that can withstand the entire horse;

â–¶ waterproof, sports headphones must have qualities;

â–¶ LDAC, although there are restrictions on use, but give a Bluetooth headset sound quality a way out;

â–¶ Sound quality is OK in sports headphones.

2, lack of

â–¶ I was a bit too big and I was 178 tall;

â–¶ Glasses party cautiously;

â–¶Higher price, 699, although there is black technology blessing, but I always think that Bluetooth headset technology is so mature, the cost will not be very high, more than 500 are suspected of rogue, the need to go these days can go Look at the flagship store, there may be -150 activities, and the reduced prices tend to be reasonable;

â–¶ Compared to the addition of the EXTRA BASS subwoofer function, the individual thinks that it would be better if you can add ambient sound function (ws413 has this function, as mentioned above). After all, the road is safe first.

Workmanship, light spray.

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