Study battery microstructure

The scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used to study the microstructure of the battery. The device tests the overall electrical performance of the battery, and the analysis believes that the main reason is that the anode substrate and the electrolyte have co-shrinkage matching during co-firing. Experiments show that

Proton exchange membrane fuel cell system; portable power supply; system thermal management Proton exchange membrane fuel cell system is a high-efficiency, environmentally friendly power generation system. In recent years, with the development of high-power proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems used in electric vehicles, ships and local power stations, small-power (below) portable proton exchange membrane fuel cell systems have also made great progress. Digital products such as computers, as well as portable mobile power supplies, emergency backup power supplies, and military communications power supplies have broad application prospects. At present, the research and development of low-power proton exchange membrane fuel cell system has attracted more and more countries and enterprises' attention, and it has become a new research hotspot in the field of proton exchange membrane fuel cell. We have designed, developed, and developed a miniaturized, portable, and high-efficiency proton exchange membrane fuel cell system, and conducted a series of performance tests on the developed portable proton exchange membrane fuel cell system demonstration prototype and found that it affects the performance of the portable system. Key issues and proposed solutions.

The working principle of proton exchange membrane fuel cell Proton exchange membrane fuel cell is a power generation device that directly converts chemical energy stored in fuel (such as hydrogen) and oxidant (such as oxygen and air) into electrical energy. The main features of this device It is efficient and environmentally friendly.

It's a kind of mini Power Bank with intelligent LED digital display shows power left,the high and real capacity increase battery cycle life,and makes your phone always in power.It's internal intelligent PCB board makes this mobile power bank in full protection such as over charge protection,over discharge protection,smart IC protection and temperature protection. Marvelous thinner thickness design,give you a relaxed and comfortable experience,comparing to the traditional heavy power bank,this mobile phone charger is much more convenient to take and use.Besides,it's mirror design and optical aesthetics gives you a wonderful visual and touch enjoyment,round arc appearance,smooth and dedicate texture,light and slim all these features shows competitive advantages than any other power banks.It's a kind of pocket power bank,super light and slim,  you deserve it!

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