Tridonic releases new emergency lighting driver

EM powerLED BASIC driver's compact form factor with both emergency and conventional lighting
November 3, 2014, Dornbirn. The EM powerLED BASIC FX 80W and the EM powerLED CPS FX 80W emergency drive are designed with an ultra-thin housing that combines emergency lighting, conventional lighting and simple aisle lighting. The two emergency drives are only 21 mm x 30 mm in cross section and are designed for slim LED luminaires. Each emergency drive has an output power of 80W and is suitable for a wide range of LED applications. Thanks to the integrated walkway function, these two drives can achieve significant power savings.

With the integration of the EM powerLED BASIC FX 80 W driver, the LED module can be operated in the same way as conventional lighting, or it can be combined with a separate battery pack to provide simple emergency lighting for the LED module. The driver's power range is between 25W and 80W, and its output current can be adjusted from 150mA to 500mA in the 25mA unit of the Tridonic i-Select system.

This LED emergency driver has a forward voltage of 50V to 230V and is suitable for a variety of LED modules. In conventional lighting, the integrated walkway function with the sensor reduces the illumination from 100% to 10% in the absence of one person, reducing energy consumption and thus reducing lighting costs.

In emergency lighting mode, the emergency lighting time can be set between 1 hour and 3 hours by jumper. Standard output or high output emergency lighting can also be set by jumpers. The integrated power control function ensures that in the event of an emergency, the maximum output is supplied during the specified operating time.

The CPS version of the emergency drive - EM powerLED CPS FX 80 W has the same electrical parameters, but supports AC power and central battery system power. In the emergency lighting mode, the illumination at the output can be set to 100% or 10% through the central control system. Depending on the application, the volume of the central battery can be greatly reduced, or it can be chosen to maintain the highest illumination. The CPS version also integrates simple aisle lighting to reduce energy consumption when no one is present. (This article is contributed by Rui Gao)

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