Photovoltaic power station market lifted "strike hard" wind

Photovoltaic power station market lifted "strike hard" wind

According to the latest requirements of the National Energy Administration, the following five kinds of behavior in the development of photovoltaic power plants will be prohibited in the future: when the project is jointly developed and transferred project assets, the government's filing documents and related rights and interests are transferred on a compensation basis; before the project is put into production, without the consent of the filing authority, Unauthorized transfer of the project to other investment entities; Local governments' energy authorities at all levels restrict entry of foreign companies and require companies to forcibly purchase products such as local photovoltaic panels; local governments’ energy authorities at all levels will charge fees from companies outside of national laws and regulations or Apportioned expenses irrelevant to the construction of the project; the competent authority of the local governments at all levels, when competitively deploying photovoltaic power plant resources such as bidding, uses resource use fees as competition conditions.

On October 29th, in order to rectify the unfair allocation of resources, non-standard management and varying degrees of speculative profits in the investment development of photovoltaic power plant projects, strengthen the management of photovoltaic power plant projects, eliminate speculation in investment and development, and maintain the construction of photovoltaic power plants. The regulations were carried out in an orderly manner, and the National Energy Administration issued the “Notice of the National Energy Administration on Regulating the Investment and Development Order of Photovoltaic Power Plants” (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”).

This is since this month. Following the “Notice on Launching the Special Supervision on the Investment and Development Order of Newly-built Power Projects” and the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Construction and Operation Management of Photovoltaic Power Plants”, the two papers have been issued to rectify the photovoltaic speculation behavior. The National Energy Administration is The third punch in combating the power of PV power plant rent-seeking and speculative downside behavior.

Measures are more detailed and more powerful

Different from the previous two announcements, the contents of this notice are more detailed, the measures are more effective, and the main responsibility is more clear. The scope of rectification includes planning, resource allocation, record management, road resale, local protection, national energy bureaus and dispatch agencies, and division of responsibilities among local energy authorities. All have very clear requirements.

The energy authorities of various regions are still the main body of the planning of photovoltaic power stations. The system is responsible for the investigation, evaluation, and planning of the construction conditions of photovoltaic power stations. The layout and construction timing of photovoltaic power plants are planned rationally. However, the annual guideline scale for photovoltaic power plants in all regions is issued by the National Energy Administration. The specific implementation procedure is that the National Energy Administration will organize the preparation of the next year's PV power plant construction guidance scale. Within one month, the provincial energy authorities determine the scaled PV power plant projects, including the project name, construction site, construction capacity, and investment entity. And submit relevant project information to the National Energy Administration.

Since last year, the power of examining and approving photovoltaic power generation projects was transferred from the central government to the provincial or lower level local government departments and managed according to the filing mode. In some places and projects, there has been a phenomenon of unfair distribution of resources. For this reason, the “Notice” requires provincial and sub-provincial places. The government's energy authority should set up corresponding project construction standards and other requirements in accordance with the nature, scale, and specific requirements of different PV power plant projects, and announce them to the public. Encourage the use of bidding and other competitive methods to allocate project resources and select project investment entities.

The record management is a key link in the development of photovoltaic power plants. The National Energy Administration requires that local project documentation should specify the project construction content, investment entity, construction site, and external construction conditions, etc. The characteristics of the photovoltaic power plant project development cycle is short, and the filing documents The term of validity and the conditions and procedures for revocation and change should be clearly defined. If the construction is not started within the validity period and the extension is not applied according to regulations, the project filing document will automatically become invalid after it expires.

"Closed-loop supervision" is a major highlight of this "Notice" and a line of defense that guarantees the effective implementation of the "Notice".

In the future, the National Energy Administration dispatched agencies will conduct closed-loop supervision over the entire process of project resource allocation, project filing, project construction, grid access, grid operation, full-scale grid access, electricity tariff execution, and electricity bill settlement. If the dispatched organization finds illegal activities in the allocation of resources and transfer of photovoltaic power plants, it shall notify the competent energy authorities of the provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) where it is located and report regulatory information to the National Energy Administration.

Prudently rectify three kinds of illegal activities that disrupt the market

For the phenomenon of resale roads existing in the investment and development process of photovoltaic power plant projects, the “Notice” requires that enterprises applying for PV power plant projects should use their own (as the controlling party) investment development for the purpose of carrying out projects in a timely manner in accordance with plans and annual plans. Construction. For project cooperation development and transfer of project assets for justified reasons, the government filing documents and related rights and interests cannot be transferred for compensation.

Before the project is put into production, the investment entity of the project that has gone through the filing formalities shall not transfer the project to any other investment entity without the consent of the filing authority.

For those companies that do not invest in development for their own purposes, but use reselling project filing documents or illegal transfer of improper profits, the National Energy Administration requires that all levels of energy authorities should stipulate that they cannot be developed as investment entities within a certain period of time. Photovoltaic power plant project.

For some localities that have appeared in various places to protect and increase corporate burdens, the “Notice” requires that local governments’ energy administrations at various levels should formulate rules that are open and fair when deploying photovoltaic power plant resources, and may not restrict the region for various reasons. Any enterprise outside the conditions for entry shall not impose on the company the requirements for forcibly purchasing products such as photovoltaic panels in the region. In the configuration of photovoltaic power plant resources and project filing, no fees outside the national laws and regulations may be charged to the enterprise, nor any costs unrelated to the project construction may be apportioned to the enterprise in any form, and competitive resources such as bidding may be used to allocate the photovoltaic power station resources. No competition on the use of resources, etc.

Regarding the handling of violations of laws and regulations in the development of photovoltaic power plants, the “Notice” pointed out that the energy authorities of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) should strengthen the management of the resource allocation, project filing, and construction of photovoltaic power plants, combined with regulatory information notified by the dispatched agencies. Photovoltaic power plant resource allocation and non-compliance charging behaviors that are not in line with the principle of openness and fairness, as well as corporate speculation, must be promptly stopped. For enterprises that have acquired illegal interest through the transfer of project filing documents and related rights and interests, according to the principle of “who records, who is responsible, and who handles”, the competent energy agencies of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) dealt with according to regulations strictly.

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