Decrypt the new Mercedes CLS series LED headlights

The new Medes Mercedes CLS series will be equipped with OSRAM OSLON compact LED headlights~! In fact, in addition to this cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz CLS series, the future innovative automotive lighting system is also being developed in the μAFS research project, which is sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
New Mercedes CLS headlights
The following is a detailed description of the LED headlights of the new Medesace Benz CLS series. In fact, 24 LEDs are installed on each module. Maybe a little friend is strange, so many LEDs are on one module? How big is that light? ! This is because the name of this group of LED lights has the word "compact"! These high-power LED packages are only 1.6mm x 1.2mm, allowing them to be mounted extremely tightly in the lamp, ensuring high luminous efficiency even at high currents.
Of course, as a high-class car, Mercedes-Benz's headlights can not only use this high-tech. In order to achieve perfect light control, Mercedes-Benz installed a camera on the front window. At the same time, the four controllers on the car can achieve 100 calculations per second to determine the most appropriate lighting distribution for the driver. The light control system also ensures that the lights will not cause other pedestrians on the road to be "eye blind".
After listening to these, will there be a new understanding of the Mercedes-Benz on the tall? Next time, talk to others about Mercedes-Benz, you can talk about its innovative lights, let the "earth" stunned go!

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