Confirmation: iPhone finally adopts aluminum alloy back cover

Recent news on the Internet pointed out that the new iPhone will not be released on WWDC2012, and everyone may be disappointed. But on the Internet, there are still spy photos of suspected new iPhones, and even videos with suspected shells compared to the iPhone 4S. It can be seen that iOS 6, the new MacBook Pro, etc. can not satisfy everyone's appetite, the most concerned Apple products, or the new iPhone. And just today, there are reliable news confirming the news of some new iPhones, confirming the previous rumors.

The two new iPhone back cases that were previously released by 9to5mac from an Apple China supplier, we listed it with the iPhone 4S changes:

Aluminum backing, not the liquid metal that was previously rumored; the back microphone for noise reduction and video recording, which is the small point between the lens and the flash; the reduced Dock interface, which looks like MicroUSB, is no longer The old 30-pin; the headphone port is placed on the bottom, like the iPod Touch; the bottom speaker and microphone opening are similar to the N9 and HTC One X drill holes, but the holes are thicker, which is the most suspicious of the leaked casing. Place; a longer screen, possibly a rumored 3.999-inch 16:9 display with a resolution of 1136×640. This design ensures that the screen width remains the same and the same horizontal resolution maintains compatibility.

A reliable source tells Ai Fan that the above hardware information is credible. The next-generation iPhone will be made of an aluminum alloy case, and the resolution and size of the screen will be the same as everyone guessed.

Regarding this aluminum alloy casing, the source said that the new iPhone and the new iPod touch's outer casing will use this material, and if you want to feel the feel of the first, you can find out the old iPod Mini of Apple, it's The shell material is almost the same as the new iPhone, and the source is called "the rebirth of the iPod Mini." In addition, before the aluminum alloy casing solution was determined, the new iPhone's casing never considered the use of liquid metal that was rumored before.

In the photo, you can see that the back of the case is clearly divided into three sections. The large area in the middle is made of aluminum alloy, while the smaller part is made of glass. The source said that the front of the new iPhone will still be It is a monolithic glass panel. It also revealed that the upper and lower ends of the back cover have tried to use a reinforced ceramic, and the new iPhone prototype produced with reinforced ceramics not only has a first-class feel and hardness, but also does not have the thickness of ceramics. Sense (Japan Kyocera company's ceramic production process is advanced). But in the end, I don't know what kind of considerations Apple has made. The plan to strengthen the ceramics has been abandoned. The same glass material as the iPhone 4S has become the final choice.

At present, the new iPhone has not yet been put into mass production. The source said that the problem lies in the new interface of the lower part of the aluminum alloy casing that everyone sees, from the traditional 30-pin interface to the unified MicroUSB that the industry pushes. The adjustment of the interface should not be the focus of the overall design of a device, but it is reported that there is a problem with this interface in the production of the new iPhone. As long as this small problem is solved, the new iPhone can be mass-produced.

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