Manufactory High Voltage Dropout Fuse 15kv

Model NO.: HQF-103
Form of Installation: Insurance Tube Holder
Environmental Protection: Environmental Protection Fuse Holder
Execution Standard: American Standard
Fusing Speed: F
Brand: Cowinelec,OEM,ODM
Rated Voltage: 15kv
Rated Current: 100A & 200A
Breaking Current: 12000A
Impulse Voltage: 125bil
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage: 45kv
Leakage Distance: 330mm
Weight Ref.: 8.5 &9 Kgs
Dimension Ref.: 51*32.5*12cm
Transport Package: Foam + Carton
Specification: CE
Origin: Zhejing China
HS Code: 85363000
High Voltage Cut Out Fuse / Dropout Fuse 

Dropout fuse cutouts and load switching fuse cutouts are for outdoor used high voltage protective device. To be connected with in coming feeder of distributing Transformer or distribution lines. It mainly protect transfeormer or lines from short circuit and overload, and on/off loading current.Drop out Fuse Cutout is composed of Insulator supports and fuse tube, static contacts are fixed on two sides of insulator support and moving contact is installed on two ends of fuse tube. Fuse tube is composed of inside arc-exting tube, outer phenolic compound paper tube or epoxy glass tube.Load switch Fuse cutout provides enforced elastic auxiliary contacts and arc-extinguishing enclosure for switching on/off loading current.

In the norman working, the fuse tube is formed up of close position via the fuse link tightened. In case the system occur faults, faut current results in fuse melt immediately and forms electric arc, which let arc-extinguishing tube be heated and explode a lot of gas. Those will produce high pressure and blow off the arc along with tube immediately. After fuse link melt, the moving contact drops out without tightened strength, mechanism is locked and fuse tube drop out, then form a distinct open position. When it needs to disconnect in loading, the operator shall pull the moving contact via insulating operating bar. At the moment, the main contact and auxiliary static contact are still contacted. Be continued to pull the contact, then the auxiliary contact is separated, it produced the electric arc between the auxiliary contacts. The arc is lengthened in arc-extinguishing enclosure gap, meanwhile, the arc shield explode gas to blow off the arc during the current passes zero. 

Rated voltage: 10KV, 11KV, 15KV, 24KV, 27KV, 30KV, 33KV, 36KV, 38KV etc.

Material: Porcelain type, Polymeric type.

12kv-15kv High Voltage Dropout Fuse
type rated volage
withstand voltage (kv)
leakage distance
HQF-103 15 100 10000 125 45 330 8.5 51×32.5×12
HQF-203 15 200 12000 125 45 330 9

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