Pillow music ear music music pillow ER152 comprehensive listing

At present, the most popular audio products are non-portable digital small speakers. I have just learned that the famous music brand ear ER152 Bluetooth portable digital speaker is officially launched. The product looks novel and compact, stylish and beautiful. Excellent, the experience is very good, interested friends to have a look.
Pillow music ear eccentric music magic pillow ER152 comprehensive listing
The ear eccentric music magic pillow ER152 is fully sealed and streamlined with a rounded shape. It is sleek and fashionable, and it is very eye-catching as a portable digital product. The dual audio unit has a fine-hole iron mesh cover, a sound field on the back, and a side-free radiation basin. It looks like a small and stylish round pillow; at the same time, this unique unit design also has a very good sound field function, so that it does not rely on hard desktop resonance, even in a soft bed can get "magic "Infinite" pillow "beautiful sound, innocent "music magic pillow" title.
Pillow music ear eccentric music magic pillow ER152 comprehensive listing
As a portable small speaker, the ear music music pillow ER152 also adds support for the very popular NFC technology in connection. Compared with the traditional Bluetooth and wireless connection, NFC has a faster connection speed (1 second even) , eliminating the cumbersome scanning and matching process, more in line with people's faster and faster life rhythm needs.
Pillow music ear eccentric music magic pillow ER152 comprehensive listing
In terms of audio quality, the ear music ER152 uses A2DP stereo music playback, which not only can perfectly express different styles of music and melody, but also create rich texture and layering through excellent audio units, and enjoy the original music.

Why the Glass wall curtain led display can lead the fashion of outdoor media?

The LED Glass curtain display appeared as an sudden emergence on the outdoor media market.

With the advantages of encapsulation technology, high brightness, wide viewing angle, adjustable screen area and easy installation, The transparent LED Glass Display has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, light boxed, etc., And become the high-profile new force for outdoor advertising media. At the same time, a small pitch is applicable to the Glass Wall Led Screen and led glass screen for window. There`re various types of led display products suitable for glass wall and glass window, such as Transparent led display and Led Strip Curtain screen. As if, indoor and outdoor led curtain wall display has become a leading industry for led display market

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