Swing Bluetooth good sound Selbel G08S

The Selberg G08S is a comprehensive upgrade of the G08. It is positioned in the mid-to-high-end market. The appearance is always simple and simple, the operation is more convenient, and there are many improvements in the function. It uses the top Bluetooth version 4.0 at present. Applying the patented technology of active noise reduction + digital power amplifier, the wireless transmission performance is superior, and the sound quality is outstanding.
Swing Bluetooth good sound Selbel G08S
G08S is a typical street music earphone with simple style and elegant color. Its head beam pendant is designed according to ergonomics. The shell is made of light and flexible environmentally friendly plastic. The texture is exquisite and fashionable. The head cushion and earmuffs are made of protein leather wrapped in pearl cotton, which is comfortable and breathable to wear. The drawbar is free to expand and contract, perfectly matching the user's head shape, and it fits fit and light. In addition, it also adopts a folding design, which can effectively compress the space, which is very convenient for users to store and carry.
Swing Bluetooth good sound Selbel G08S
Swing Bluetooth good sound Selbel G08S
As an upgraded version of the Selber G08, the G08S inherits the brand's consistent fashion concept in appearance, and has also significantly improved its operation and battery life. Compared to the G08, it changes the switch to a shifting design and changes the button to touch mode, which makes the control more sensitive and fast. The function panel is set on the right side of the headset to complete the power switch, Bluetooth pairing, volume adjustment, track switching and other controls. In terms of battery life, the G08S uses a high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used for 8-12 hours with Bluetooth 4.0 devices with ultra-low loss characteristics to keep your music running.
Swing Bluetooth good sound Selbel G08S
As a product of the wireless audio equipment leader Selber, the G08S is very invincible in Bluetooth technology. It uses the current high-end Bluetooth 4.0 technology, can be paired with all your smart phones, tablets and other devices, and supports one drag and two functions, freely switch between the two devices. It also has strong anti-interference ability, and the signal can maintain stable transmission over a long distance, allowing you to enjoy high quality free music.
Swing Bluetooth good sound Selbel G08S
G08S adopts Selber's original patented active noise reduction + digital power amplifier technology to eliminate all noise, restore the real sound, let the beautiful music close to your ears and reach your heart. In addition, it is professionally tuned, with strong low frequency performance and wide surround sound effect, let you feel the shock of live performance.

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