IHS analyst: iPhone 8 uses a curved screen, which will greatly promote the industry to follow up

Rumor has it that Apple will adopt a curved screen design on the iPhone 8. Although it is not the first to do so, its influence is still not to be underestimated. Earlier reports said that its competitor Samsung will be equipped with a curved screen (no ordinary flat version) for the Galaxy S8, which will be available next year. However, DigiTImes quoted an IHS analyst as saying that Apple's adoption of a flexible AMOLED screen would "extend the expected demand for flexible AMOLED panels."

"iPhone 8" rendering (via: ConceptsiPhone / YouTube)

Obviously, Samsung, the screen supplier, will be the biggest beneficiary of this move – because more than Apple needs to purchase curved OLED screens from the company, such as Xiaomi and Vivo, which also launched curved screen models in 2016. More manufacturers will choose to follow up.

IHS analyst Jerry Kang said: "In 2016, many smartphone manufacturers are eagerly expecting display panel manufacturers to supply them with more flexible AMOLED screens, but the capacity of the panels severely constrains the sales of their products."

There will be many different types of curved screen devices coming into the market next year, and the situation will become more severe.

Consumer electronics manufacturers will say goodbye to traditional flat rectangles and move to more innovative/mature, more diverse forms of curved/foldable (or curlable) designs.

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