ZTE's bracelet is closely followed by Xiaomi. Can it win with the dot matrix LED screen?

In the face of the ultra-low price of Xiaomi bracelet - 79 yuan of strong price competition, what is the outstanding position of ZTE's bracelet to make it stand out?

First, let's take a look at its features. ZTE's bracelet has the basic functions of a basic smart bracelet – step counting, measuring walking distance, calculating calorie consumption, sleep monitoring and smart alarm clocks. It also has waterproof function.

In addition, the ZTE Grand Band has a dot matrix LED screen on the bracelet compared to its strong rival Xiaomi bracelet. It can be seen that this bracelet is more delicate in the LED screen production. Because of the original LED lights, you can also use time and information to compare with the Xiaomi bracelet (ZTE does what you often mention), and the bracelet can also be used to prompt the function. You can remind the user when the alarm goes off and when a message is received.

ZTE Grand Band supports all iOS and Android (4.3 and above) Bluetooth devices. Its final price will be between 800-1000 yuan.

This bracelet will be available in China next month. However, in the face of a powerful opponent Xiaomi bracelet, can the ZTE Grand Band win with LED screens? It seems that from the price, it makes many people deterred! However, we still have to wait and see! After all, a smart bracelet with an LED screen looks a bit taller.



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