Multi-category VS multi-brand

Multi-category VS multi-brand

In the boutique underwear market in 2013, everyone is pursuing a word that is the amount of running. How to increase sales is the focus of the company. As a new type of market after several years of development, boutique underwear has become very popular in terms of ideology and market recognition. However, sales volume has always been a pain in the hearts of manufacturers. How to break sales of 40 to 50 million yuan is an inseparable gap for companies in a short period of time. Although some companies use multi-brand and multi-category products together with processing sales, they can count together and break through this amount. However, in the current market sales point of view, a single brand to break through this sales is still somewhat difficult.

Breakthroughs and running volume will become key words for 2013. As a boutique underwear company, everyone is seeking a breakthrough, or in a single-brand multi-category, or multi-brand multi-category, seeking to expand market share.

In the current market atmosphere, enterprises must break through sales, it is nothing more than two models, one is multi-category multi-brand; the other is single-brand multi-category. From the aspect of product R&D, in order to increase sales volume, new products and new products must be constantly added to occupy terminal sales points with a larger display area. However, the underwear market is rather special. Outside of the main core products, it is very difficult to do a good job of extending the categories!

Such as the bra giants love, but also pushed the underwear, other companies such as bras also launched a home service, conventional underwear also push bras, underwear, are difficult to push the product with the main push. The reason is because the production technology and the worker's factors decide. In underwear, workers are familiar with the production line of underwear, and doing other things is much more difficult and it is difficult to ensure quality. The same is true for bras. Long items are on bras and short boards are on home clothes and underwear. Therefore, the multi-category development model has certain excellence and certain limitations. There is no right or wrong market, just to see if it suits the development needs of the company. Choosing a multi-item development model, in addition to efforts to expand channels, but also to strengthen product quality and functionality, such as product quality and style can be exceeded, then, to enhance the sales role of the company is still quite large.

Compared with other companies, Bateo has taken a different approach in expanding the market. That is to say, the mother brand is used as the main line and core, the sub-brand is expanded, and the brand's cultural connotation is enriched with the function and positioning of the product. Just like Porsche, Porsche is a brand that derives from various sub-series such as Panamera and Cayman. The SUV is a Cayenne. According to different positioning, different consumer demand, to define a series of products. In terms of business model, Batie also launched a series of sub-brands with product features such as the Apple operating model in the automotive industry or mobile phone industry.

In the early stage, Batieou launched the Bateo Loveless Mark brand with no traces as the focus of product research and development. This better meets the needs of this group of consumers and extends from the non-traceable products to the emotional transmission. No trace of love conveyed the warmth of the traces, which impressed the consumers and enabled Barthes to rise rapidly in the market and become a dark horse in the market. It also enabled Barthou to adopt a beautiful attitude after an earlier adjustment. , complete gorgeous promotion.

The successful launch of the seamless series of products laid the foundation for Bartiou’s “innovation” status in product development. After market research, we launched the Bateo U convex space, which is a technical revolution of men's underwear. As a panties, men's personal protection, how to protect the private places, not only to fabric, lathe, and more The main breakthrough is the production process. With U-shaped parcels, men's privacy is well protected. This functional product, after its launch, leads the market.

Constant changes in consumer attitudes have prompted Battie to continue to innovate. Compared to other brands' development models, Bartiou has chosen the development path of multi-brand single-item products. This professional and dedicated spirit has enabled Battie In the product research and development from top to bottom, taking the product as a breakthrough, to achieve the promotion of corporate sales.

In recent years, the market consumption has shown a trend of diversified development, people’s economic strength has increased, and consumer demand has also developed at the upper end. How to seize this high-end customer base, Bartiou introduced Bateo alcohol products to meet this demand. The high-end consumer groups that talk about taste and lifestyle. And the recent launch of the Bateo-style show, the introduction of this new brand is to meet the light of the individual consumer demand. During the trial launch, it received a strong response from the market. From the current point of view, the results are good.

Water is in flux, as is the market.

The market is always changing. No one can stand proud in yesterday's glory, but should learn to adapt to changes. For over 100 years, Kodak failed to adapt to the revolution of "electronic imaging technology" in the new era and it collapsed. The mobile phone upstart Apple, using the spirit of “innovative godfather”, quickly defeated the traditional leader, Nokia, in one fell swoop. As the needle spinning industry, although it is a traditional industry, it is also necessary to introduce innovative products to introduce differentiated products. "We don't lack brands, but we don't have products that make people's eyes shine." This is the voice of an agent and can be seen as a spur to underwear companies. That is the demand diversification today, what amount of products we use to meet the individualized consumer.

The pursuit of market sales, whether it is multi-category multi-brand, or single-brand single-item categories are not absolutely right or wrong, as mentioned earlier, just to see whether it is suitable for the development of the enterprise. Whoever occupies the terminal outlets will take the initiative today. We must really take the lead. The first is to find a suitable network, store more points, sink outlets, and expand the number of networks. This is the first step, and when the network is established, what should be considered for sale? Or that what is selling can make consumers pay for it, you need to make efforts in the innovation of product development.

There is no shortcut to the market, and the means of competition will never change.

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