Three innovative display technology analysis holographic display is the most reliable

I have always felt that "holographic calls" or "3D live-action calls" in sci-fi movies like "Star Wars" will certainly be realized, at least we will not be as boring as we are now, if we talk about videophones, if You think that all this can only live in the movie, so in fact, several recent new technologies can be said to be a joke, and it may not be long before you can play this ordinary 2D screen phone.

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A slightly outdated naked eye 3D technology

Three innovative display technology analysis holographic display is the most reliable

You will definitely say that 3D technology is very mature. Although it is not used in mobile phone display, there are not a few naked-eye 3D products like NDSL game consoles, and they are all a few years ago. In fact, we still can't say that 3D technology has matured. The traditional "naked eye 3D" is to send two sets of polarized light pictures through the same screen. In layman's terms, a screen displays different images for both eyes, and the information integration of the human brain can achieve 3D effects. Although such a technique has excellent 3D effects, it has extremely strict requirements for viewing angles, and a stereoscopic effect cannot be displayed with a slight deviation. It is precisely because of the shortcomings such as ghosting, narrow viewing angle, and easy vertigo. Recently, this technology has rarely been seen on the product, indicating that in the user experience, the naked eye 3D still needs innovation.

Amazon's "dynamic perspective" is not a 3D display

Three innovative display technology analysis holographic display is the most reliable

Then you must have noticed the Amazon Fire Phone released about two weeks ago. On a certain level, this mobile phone is a minor change in display technology, at least it makes us "see" a lot of new things. . As can be seen from the on-site technical demonstrations, this technology, known as "dynamic perspective", is somewhat close to the depth of field effect created by "dynamic effects" in iOS 7. Amazon's "Dynamic Perspective" setting screen can display a series of 3D images at 60 frames per second, while the screen image will consist of multiple layers. When the user is viewing at different angles, four of the four corners of the phone screen are used. A front-end infrared sensor that displays different layers by tracking the head to produce a 3D effect.

For example, when you look at a "stereo" building, the angle of rotation shows the different layers of the building and the surrounding scenery. It is precisely because the layer is constantly changing and the refresh rate is higher than that of the human eye. A continuous "illusion", that is, the building is "three-dimensional", in fact, it is only a series of layers of different angles continuously spliced ​​together.

The biggest advantage of this technology is that it allows the user to view the 3D effect from any angle without having to keep the screen facing the phone, and the user does not need to shake the phone to change the angle of view he wants. But the downside is the lack of developer support. iOS and Android have become popular development platforms. Will developers develop a new set of software for Amazon in order to display 3D effects? Although live demos of maps, shopping and games, etc. The content is very appealing, but it's hard to say how many apps will support this effect in the future.

Yes, you see that I used the word "special effects" to describe the Amazon Fire Phone, because in a strict sense, the Fire Phone does not have 3D display capabilities. It just uses the new technology to subtly display specific content. Stereoscopically, I still use the natural illusion of the human eye.

Mysterious but reliable holographic display

Three innovative display technology analysis holographic display is the most reliable

So is there any more "higher" some display effect revolution? Coincidentally, shortly before the release of Amazon Fire Phone, the take holographic mobile phone of the domestic manufacturer Yisida Group Titanium Technology has surfaced, making this sound a bit mysterious. The technology is a step closer to practicality.

The holographic display technology calculates the actual holographic image based on the holographic image data model by tracking the position of the human eye, and then accurately projects the stereoscopic images of the left and right eyes into the retina of the human eye through a special directional display screen, thereby generating the human eye. The same visual effect as the actual environment. The holographic image formed by such holographic technology is imaged based on the position of the human eye's viewing angle. It does not display the image information of all fields of view at the same time as physical holographic imaging, so it is only suitable for one person to watch, so it is simply referred to as "personal holography". ", also known as "Smart Holographics." Personal holography is different from flat image only in the two-dimensional surface through perspective, shadow and other effects to achieve a three-dimensional sense, personal holography allows the naked eye to view different sides of the image from any angle of 360 degrees, is a true stereoscopic image close to reality.

As can be seen from this new technology, unlike the previous naked eye 3D, the naked eye 3D has only one optimal viewing angle. If this angle is missed, the image is not stereoscopic, and the holographic technology is stereoscopic from a holistic perspective. Display, that is to say, when you move the angle of view, it does not cause changes in the image, it should be said that it is closer to the feeling of viewing the real scene.

However, one thing is that the takee phone and the Amazon Fire Phone are very similar. That is, there are multiple inductive sensors built into the front of the mobile phone. Because both of them need to sense the distance and position of the human eye in real time, and adjust the best on this basis. The display effect, so it is necessary to have a full range of dead angles to sense the position of the human eye, so up to four sensors are distributed in the front fuselage and have night vision capability, so that the mobile phone can be guaranteed to the human eye even in a dark environment. The perception of the correct position. It can be seen that the future mobile phone display solutions rely on the precise perception of the position of the human eye, so the holographic stereoscopic images presented can be more accurate.

to sum up

On the whole, the display effect or display technology of mobile phones must have a revolution. Although the solutions are different, the pursuit of suffocating stereoscopic display is a common goal. At present, naked-eye 3D may be difficult to make a comeback. Amazon's "dynamic perspective" and takee holographic technology are in the ascendant, but the latter is difficult to achieve, not only requires the combination of hardware and software, but also based on precision. On the basis of perception, but the subversive display effect is also the most expected, and the two have one thing in common, is to create an open industry alliance, that is, to bring in more application developers to create display effects. From the perspective of the complete industrial chain, from the perspective of dynamic perspective or holographic technology, new technologies are only carriers, and they still have to embark on the road of content as king.

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