List of reasons why the refrigerator is turned on for too long

When we use the refrigerator normally, the temperature sensor can automatically control the operation and stop of the refrigerator. When the refrigerator runs for a period of time, the temperature reaches the set value, the temperature sensor will control the compressor to stop working, and as the temperature rises. The temperature sensor will then start the compressor and cycle. And the start time of the refrigerator

Metal Film Resistor is Film resistor (Film Resistors) of a kind.It is the high temperature vacuum coating technology will be closely attached to the porcelain nickel chromium alloy or similar bar surface skin membrane, after debugging cutting resistance, in order to achieve the final requirements precision resistance, then add appropriate joint cutting, and on its surface coated with epoxy resin sealing protection.As it is a lead resistance, it is convenient for manual installation and maintenance, and is used in most household appliances, communications, instruments and instruments.

Metal Film Resistors

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