Knitted translucent LED rope light

This is a novel LED hanging lamp, innovatively using a knit semi-transparent rope, combined with the latest LED light source technology, to produce a luminous textile texture light rope, soft and entangled light, diverging and diffuse mild ambient light. With such a complicated knot, the LED Light House feels more like the oldest method of human beings, the mysterious knot notes, each piece is unique in design, hand-woven by French and German designers.

Network Cabinets support large, modular network switches by providing additional space for cable management and side-to-side airflow solutions.

We are one of the best Network Server Cabinet China manufacturer in China.mainly work on standard 19" floorstanding cabinets,wall mount cabinet and open racks with different size for different application.

A lot of server cabinet made of hot plate or steel instead of cold rolled steel. From view of loading capacity, toughness, appearance, corrosion, we use good quality cold rolled steel on our Network Cabinet.

When you want to buy a network cabinet,please consider your application on space and content before fixing the size you want. To leave some space (20%-30% height) in case of adding something more inside.

19 Inch Network Cabinet

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