Cost-effective 2000 yuan entry computer configuration Daquan

Since our last issue, we have been accustomed to the price of different computer configurations, and have been welcomed by many users. This is also very convenient for DIY computer-packed friends to quickly find some computer configuration solutions they like, in order to Let everyone try to find the latest and best computer configuration. We will continue to sort out the latest published price-related articles. Since this article is updated regularly, it is not updated from time to time. If you need to check our latest recommended computer configuration in the short term, Please go to the assembled computer configuration list to find the latest recommended configuration.

Originally intended to directly organize the latest computer configuration in the first phase of the 2000 yuan computer configuration article, but considering that the original form was not very good due to the rush of production, today I made the following blue for everyone. Clear color form, due to limited webpage technology, if you have any unsightly places, please feel free to correct me. If you have any thoughts and opinions on computer please let us know.

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2000 yuan computer configuration single-2000 yuan price archive
Updated: April 1, 2011 , this article is a regular and continuous update article, please pay attention!

>>>> 2011 latest 4 sets of DIY assembly computer configuration single friendship recommended 2011-03-27
>>>> 2000 yuan in the early 2011, the cheapest entry computer configuration recommended 2011-03-26
>>>> March 2011 Computer City popular assembly computer configuration list
>>>> 2800 yuan people home practical cost-effective installed computer configuration recommended 2011-03-13
>>>> 2700 yuan cost-effective home living room HD assembly computer configuration recommended 2011-02-24
>>>> 2011 2600 yuan low-cost entry-loading users preferred computer configuration 2011-02-23
>>>> 2500 yuan low-cost home office all-purpose practical computer configuration recommended 2011-02-22
>>>> 2600 yuan cost-effective than the phone cheap entry dual-core computer configuration recommended 2011-02-21
>>>>At the beginning of 2011, popular DIY assembly computer configuration recommended (included)
>>>>2500 yuan cost-effective AMD platform entry computer configuration recommended
>>>>2000 yuan stable and durable office computer configuration recommended
>>>> 1600 yuan cheap stable office computer configuration recommended
>>>> 2600 yuan practical type cost-effective entry game computer configuration recommended
>>>> November 22, 2010 2800 yuan / 3400 yuan 2 set machine entry and game configuration recommended
>>>> November 17th 2000 yuan entry user rational computer configuration recommended
>>>> 2600 yuan height and student practical computer configuration recommended
>>>> 2300 yuan cost-effective practical entry computer configuration recommended
>>>> 2300 yuan cost-effective limit practical computer configuration recommended
>>>> 2600 yuan practical cheap mass cost-effective configuration
>>>> 2000 yuan entry or office cheap stable computer configuration recommended

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2000 yuan price computer configuration comments:

At present, the 2000 yuan computer configuration with price below 2,999 yuan is basically suitable for computer users and enterprise offices. From the above computer configuration, several common features can be seen: First, the computer hardware is basically in the previous generation; the second is: There is a big gap between the computer hardware and the latest mainstream hardware performance. The third is: the basic is a high-integrated integrated graphics card, the game performance is limited. However, the price of these computers is generally in a fixed state, the price is basically only There is some deviation in the memory, so everyone is browsing the computer configuration of 2000 yuan price, do not care too much about the release time, the configuration price is almost stable, as long as the memory price is paid attention to, the memory price is very fast in 2010. .

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