Teach you the function of the crossover and how to choose the crossover point

The role of frequency divider: In a speaker system, people call the cabinet, frequency dividing circuit, and speaker unit as the three major parts of the speaker system, and the frequency dividing circuit plays a role in whether the speaker system can restore electroacoustic signals with high quality Extremely important role. Especially in the middle and high frequency parts, the role played by the frequency dividing circuit is more obvious. Its role is as follows:

Reasonably divide the working frequency band of each unit;

Reasonably allocate power to each unit;

Make each unit have a proper phase relationship to reduce the acoustic interference distortion of each unit in operation;

Use the characteristics of the crossover circuit to make up for the acoustic defects of the unit in a certain frequency band;

Connect each frequency band smoothly and smoothly.

Obviously, these functions of frequency dividing circuits have been recognized and accepted by people.

Choice of crossover point:

1 Consider the practical boundary frequency f = 345 / d (d = effective diameter of the unit diaphragm) for the directivity of the middle and low units. Generally, the boundary frequency of the 8 "unit is 2k, the boundary frequency of the 6.5" unit is 2.7k, the 5 "unit is 3.4k, and the 4" unit is 4.3k. In other words, when using the above units, the crossover frequency cannot be greater than the practical boundary frequency corresponding to each unit.

2 Considering the resonance frequency of the tweeter, the crossover frequency should be greater than three times the resonance frequency. In other words, from the point of view of the tweeter, the frequency division point should usually be greater than 2.5k.

3 Consider the mid-bass unit high-end response Fh, usually the crossover frequency should not be greater than 1/2 Fh. In fact, the above conditions for two-way speakers are difficult to meet at the same time. At this time, the designer should have a better choice among the three. However, it must be emphasized that the first condition, that is, the practical boundary frequency should be satisfied first.

4 In the case of three-way frequency division, usually the farther the two frequency division points should be separated (should be more than three octave bands), the better the combined system response will be. Otherwise, complex interference radiation will occur.

5 The crossover point of bass and midrange should consider the problem of vocal sound image localization. The reproduction of vocals should be undertaken by the mid-range unit as much as possible to avoid excessive changes in the sound localization tone of the vocals. This is often easily overlooked by designers. Usually this crossover point should be 200-300Hz.

Problems with failing factory relays, connectors/terminals and fuse contacts are also common when excessive load is placed on them.

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