Gas accident frequent water heater purchase need to be cautious

Frequent gas accidents In recent days, accidents caused by gas water heaters have frequently been reported to the newspapers. Not long ago, Mr. Xiang, who lives in Chongqing, was hospitalized for four cases of carbon monoxide poisoning. This made the general public very worried about the safety of the use of gas water heaters. How do you choose a safe gas water heater?

In cold weather, many people close the doors and windows to ensure the indoor temperature. However, the indoor air does not circulate, which may easily lead to a hidden danger of a gas water heater accident. The reporter interviewed relevant medical experts to understand that the safe use of gas is closely related to home gas passages and gas water heaters. Because the home gas passage can not be changed generally, so to ensure the safety of gas use, we must choose the gas water heater, it is best to choose a water heater with alarm protection device. To this end, the reporter visited the city's major supermarket gas water heater sales area.

In the gas water heater sales area reporter found that the safety protection measures for gas water heaters on the market are different, and some do not even have the protective function against harmful gases. The most complete protection is the Haier gas water heater, its times + security system can simultaneously protect carbon monoxide and methane. "Carbon monoxide is a harmful gas that we all know to monitor, and monitoring of methane is seldom noticed. In fact, monitoring methane concentration and monitoring carbon monoxide concentration are equally important." The staff of the store told the reporter that carbon monoxide is usually caused by insufficient combustion of gas. The main cause of accidents caused by injuries; and methane is the main component of gas, once the concentration exceeds the limit, encountering an open flame will cause fire or explosion and other safety accidents. Some gas water heaters in the market can only monitor carbon monoxide, but they are “incapable” of exceeding the standard for methane, while Haier times + safety water heaters can simultaneously monitor the two most harmful gases, and are the first to achieve carbon monoxide and methane synchronization in the industry. Monitored product.

During the visit, the reporter encountered Mr. Li who was choosing a gas water heater. Mr. Li told reporters that recently he saw more gas safety accidents reported by the media and wanted to replace the gas water heater that had been used in the home for seven years. After some comparisons, Mr. Li chose the Haier Gas Water Heater Anning series. "This water heater's times + security system, let me especially be assured that there are elderly and children at home, security can not be sloppy." Mr. Li said.

Haier gas water heater double + safety system uses a highly sophisticated electrochemical system alarm, which is the first time the application of industrial standards to civilian products. Once it detects carbon monoxide or methane exceeding the standard, it immediately sound and light alarm, and start the fan to eliminate hidden danger within 20 seconds, the reaction speed is 67% faster than the normal alarm. Mr. Li also said that in addition to safety guarantees, Haier Gas Water Heater Anning series of energy-saving advantages is also very attractive to him. The thermal efficiency exceeds 100%, which is more than 15% energy saving than ordinary gas water heaters. It is in line with his requirements for low-carbon and environmentally friendly life.

The reporter found that Haier Gas Water Heater An Geling series is indeed very eye-catching in the store. The exquisite glass panel is very eye-catching, and the exquisite craftsmanship creates a beautiful artistic appearance. Whether sparkling silver or wild white, will become a bright color in the kitchen space! The reporter learned from the sales staff that the Haier Gas Water Heater Anning series has just been listed, which has attracted the attention of many consumers. Its safety, energy saving, constant temperature technical advantages and graceful posture have caused a wave of sales of winter gas water heaters.

Regardless of how society develops and progresses, safety is always the top priority. Industry experts believe that Haier, as a Chinese company that has won the No. 1 brand of global white power for four years in a row, can always focus on user needs in the development process of water heaters, putting users' safety needs first and providing users with safety and comfort. The hot water solution has won more and more global users' approval.

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