2012 Gold Finger Award Heritage Honor Renewal

2012 Gold Finger Award Heritage Honor Renewal The "Golden Finger Award" annual large-scale selection of China's lighting industry as the first large-scale comprehensive selection of China's lighting industry, large-scale activities, high specifications, covering the entire lighting industry, affecting nearly 50,000 lighting companies in the country, since the first session of last year , has been highly concerned by the industry.

The second “Golden Finger Award” for the annual large-scale judging of the lighting industry in China has continued to brilliance, attracting more than 5,000 enterprises and individuals to participate in it. At the same time, it has received more than 80 media’s propaganda and support, and in 2013, 1 On the 12th of the month, at the Guangzhou Foreign Hotel, the 2012 “Golden Finger Award” China Lighting Industry Annual Large-scale Selection Award Presentation Meeting was held. At the same time, the 2012 Guangzhou International Light Festival Creative Lighting Contest Results Report and the “Golden Finger Award” were awarded. Corporate media meeting.

Inheritance Honor Renewal Brings Birth of 2012 Golden Finger Award

On the day of the conference, Dou Linping, Secretary General of China Illuminating Engineering Association, Zhou Hongwei, Deputy Secretary-General of China Illuminating Engineering Association, Lan Liuhe, Deputy Director of Guangzhou Lighting Construction Management Center, Huang Pei Ling, Minister of Performing Arts, Guangzhou Ruifeng Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Ruifeng Audio Technology Department Co., Ltd. Marketing Department Multimedia Planning Huang Zhihui, South China University of Technology Architectural Design Research Institute Deputy Chief Engineer Tong Deming, Guangdong Lighting Association President Quan Jian, Guangdong Provincial Lighting Institute Secretary General Li Zili, Foshan City Lighting Association Chairman Wu Yulin Mr. Liang Guoqin, Chairman of Guangzhou Hedong Electronics Co., Ltd., and Li Daixiong, Dean of the Institute of Urban Culture and Lighting, as well as representatives from famous domestic lighting companies and excellent lighting designers attended the conference and witnessed the 2012 Golden Finger Award. The birth of businesses and individuals.

The conference is divided into the first half of the "Golden Finger Award" annual awards presentation report of the Chinese lighting industry and the second half of the 2012 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival creative light works competition report.

At the report meeting, Dou Linping, Secretary General of the China Illuminating Engineering Association, expressed warm congratulations on the successful convening of the conference and fully affirmed the development of LED lighting, providing designers with a great deal of energy, environmental protection, and green. The creative space, but at the same time must be considered is how to bring out the advantages of LED lighting products. In Dou Linping's view, LED should not only stay in the simple design of products, but also should be more profound and in-depth understanding of what LED brings to our industry, especially its function and other areas of integration and innovation. Immediately afterwards, Lan Liuhe, deputy director of the Guangzhou Lighting Construction Management Center, briefly introduced the basic situation and work of the Guangzhou Lighting Construction Management Center, and summarized the 2012 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival.

The "Golden Finger Award" is divided into four categories: "Designer", "Lighting Engineering Company", "Excellent Supplier", and "Public Wealth". A total of 23 designers and 42 companies won the award. .

"Designer category" includes "Top Ten Lighting Designers", Outstanding Landscape Lighting Designers, and Outstanding Commercial Lighting Designers. A total of 23 designers won this honor.

"Lighting Engineering Company" includes "Top Ten Lighting Design Engineering Company", "Outstanding Landscape Lighting Design Engineering Company" and "Excellent Commercial Lighting Design Engineering Company". A total of 14 outstanding lighting engineering companies have won this honor.

“Excellent Supplier Category” includes “Top Ten Lighting Suppliers (All-rounder)”, “Outstanding Landscape Lighting Supplier”, “Excellent Commercial Lighting Supplier”, “Excellent Road Lighting Supplier”, “The Most Developmental Potential Lighting Supply "Business", a total of 27 outstanding lighting suppliers won this honor;

"Professionals" was awarded this honor by Guangzhou Hedong Electronics Co., Ltd. and Huizhou NVC Lighting.

In addition, the "Golden Finger Award" award presentation meeting invited the award-winning individuals and enterprises to give a live speech report. Feng Jian from the New Realm Lighting Design Consultancy Co., Ltd. shared the case of "Yanhuang Erdi Sculpture" landscape lighting design. Thorn Lighting's sales director in South China shared the report “Fiveteen ways to make energy-efficient lighting easier.” The winner of the “Creative Lighting Project Competition”, Han Qiwen, shared the idea of ​​“unlimited creativity in lighting design”. The report is titled.

Summarizing experience and thinking about future creative value

After the 2012 Golden Point Awards China Lighting Industry Annual Awards Ceremony ended, it immediately entered the 2012 Guangzhou International Light Festival Creative Lighting Competition. As the organizer of the festival, Huang Pei Ling, the representative of the Performing Arts Department of Guangzhou Ruifeng Audio Technology Co., Ltd., gave a summary report on the 2012 Guangzhou International Light Festival. The report pointed out that the entire lighting festival held a total of three large-scale competitions. It is a “Creative Lighting Competition,” “City Lighting Lighting Design Contest,” and “Photo Contest.” The lighting show mainly revolves around 21 design concepts and 44 outstanding lighting works, and a public exhibition of 1 month has been launched. Great! Enriches the lives of the citizens of Guangzhou. The successful holding of this "Guangzhou International Lighting Festival" not only demonstrated the concept of urban culture spreading energy-saving technology, but also demonstrated that Guangzhou is advancing the development of the city in a creative way.

The "Guangzhou International Lighting Festival", as a key event of the Guangzhou Municipal Government in 2012, has made a lot of work from the early stage of conception, planning, organization and coordination of personnel, to the implementation and debugging of the later stage, in order to better plan the 2013 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival, summed up the experience, the day also carried out a creative light works contest discussion, from the Guangzhou Lighting Construction Management Center deputy director Lan Liuhe, Guangzhou Rui Feng audio marketing department multimedia planning Huang Zhihui, general manager of China Lighting Network Chen Yumei, Guangzhou Xu Qinghui, Design Director of Kebo Lighting Design Co., Ltd., Han Qiwen, Chairman of Nanchang Meiniguang Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Zibo Lighting Co., Ltd. discussed the positive effects of lighting festivals on urban development, designers’ creative value and other topics. Explore the 2013 Festival of Lights with more creative designs!

To discuss the industry's deep analysis of future trends

At the same time, in the meeting room A on the 5th floor, a media meeting was held for the “Golden Finger Award” winners during the same period. On that day, a total of 7 award-winning companies interacted with the on-site media to answer questions. The participating companies were: Lei Ming Technology Co., Ltd. Director, Marketing Director Peng Yong; Zhejiang Beiguang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Assistant Huang Anni; Guangzhou Guangwei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhou Tanqi; Shanghai Guanglian Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Gang, Sichuan Changhong Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Liang Boke; General Manager of Guangzhou Hezhongyuan Construction Technology Development Co., Ltd. Wu Dongying Lighting Design Director Yang Chenyi, Lighting Designer Wang Zhou; Tianjin Haina Tiancheng Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. Managing Director Sun Jianjun; Shaanxi Tianhe Lighting Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. Zhou Yan, deputy general manager of the company.

At the media meeting, when talking about sustainable development of landscape lighting, Peng Yong, a director of Shenzhen Leiming, said, “The driving force for the continued development of landscape lighting can be three aspects: human needs, business needs, and government People's needs are fundamental, but it is the most difficult to grasp, and the latter two are more direct. From a corporate perspective, Director Peng said that he hopes that the landscape lighting market will be larger, but he believes that “more is not a problem, the problem is Without a standard, there is no effective and mandatory constraint on the power density and average brightness of landscape lighting. This is the fundamental problem. ”

Huang Anni, the assistant from the chairman of Zhejiang Beiguang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. put forward his own views on the current situation of the lighting industry: “2013, high-quality and affordable energy-saving lamps are still the choice of most people, especially in China. In rural areas, energy-saving lamp products are promising, LED products are currently developing rapidly, and will continue to thrive in 2013. Especially in a large number of government-led projects, public works will use LED products, commercial lighting LED lamps will be high-speed With regard to development, the civil sector has also begun to enter the market partially. In the incubation period, some LED manufacturers will focus on the development of civilian markets."

When talking about the differences between Chinese and Western lighting designs, Zhou Yan, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Tianhe Lighting Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., said, “Overall, there are obvious differences in the eye and pattern between Chinese and Western lighting designs, or in lighting. There is no small difference in the use of cognition and creativity. Western “light design” changes to “art lighting” and is no longer merely functional lighting. Under the effect of lighting itself, they are responsible for lighting technology. The research and development of the lighting and the development of the lamps and lanterns, the whole design of the lighting has started from the point of view of art and aesthetics, and everything is done without undermining the on-site environment or the building itself."

At this point, the “Golden Finger Award” 2012 China Lighting Industry Annual Awards Presentation Conference and the 2012 Guangzhou International Lighting Festival Creative Lighting Competition Results Report successfully concluded! Inherit the honor and continue to glorify, let us look forward to the third "Golden Finger Award" China lighting industry large-scale selection activities staged wonderful!

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