Is the refrigerator booting too long? The gear position is too high is the main cause

Many netizens reported that when the refrigerator in the home is in normal use, the thermostat (or sensor) will automatically control the opening and closing of the refrigerator. When the refrigerator runs for a period of time, the thermostat (or sensor) will reach the set shutdown temperature. The control press stops working. As the temperature rises, the thermostat (or sensor) will control the press to start working, such as

There are three switches in the refrigerator, namely temperature control Switch, compensation switch and cold room lighting switch.Temperature control switch for setting refrigeration temperature.Compensation switch, when the indoor temperature is too low for the refrigerator to start food melting, this switch enables the thermostat to start normally.Refrigerated lighting switch, with the door open, the light will automatically be on and off.


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