[High-tech lecture hall] Analysis of color rendering index and the effect of R9>0 on light quality

First, the meaning of the color rendering index

Color rendering index is commonly known as color rendering, that is, the ability of a light source to color an object. By comparing it with the color temperature reference or reference light source (sunlight or incandescent light), if the object is in sunlight or incandescent light The color presented under illumination is called the true color of the object, then the color rendering index can be understood as an indicator of the ability of the light source to restore the true color of the object.

At present, the color rendering index is 14 colors R1 to R14 specified by CIE (International Commission on Illumination), and the evaluation method of light source color development in China additionally increases the skin color of Asian women, and becomes 15 types, namely R1 to R15. R1 ~ R8 are called typical color rendering index, and the average of these 8 typical color rendering indexes is Ra, which is often said, the average color rendering index. R9 to R15 are called special color rendering indexes, and R9 is saturated red.

Commonly used illumination sources generally only require Ra, and other requirements are required for the illumination source with special requirements. The colors corresponding to R1 to R15 are defined as follows:

R1 light gray red; R2 dark grayish yellow; R3 saturated yellowish green; R4 medium yellowish green;

R5 light blue-green; R6 light blue; R7 light purple blue; R8 reddish purple;

R9 saturated red; R10 saturated yellow; R11 saturated green; R12 saturated blue;

R13 Caucasian skin tone; R14 leaf green; R15 yellow skin tone

Second, the meaning of R9 and its impact on light quality

The color rendering index R9 is actually saturated red, which is an indicator to measure the ability of the light source to restore the object red. The larger the R9 value, the higher the ability of the light source to return to the object red. Generally speaking, it is necessary to use flowers, fruits and other lighting occasions. The use of products with more than R9 light source, the better the effect of the illumination, and the more vivid, so the light source R9 used in store or supermarket lighting is particularly important.

In the field of medical illumination, the light source needs to have a good reduction of the capillaries of the human body, so the value of the R9 is very strict in medical lighting.

Of course, in addition to R9, different lighting occasions have different requirements for different special color rendering indexes. For example, the requirements for R15 are particularly high in studios, studios, etc. where real reproduction of skin color is required.

Third, how to improve the light source R9

There are no obstacles in improving R9. There are two main ways: 1. Adding a fluorescent powder with high saturation of red light when making white light. This method is a common practice for LEDs to raise R9. 2. When lighting Reasonable use of red light illumination.

In summary, when the light source is fabricated, it is not only possible to consider only the general color rendering index Ra, but also pay close attention to the special color rendering index R9, as well as other special color rendering indexes R10 to R15, because the LED light source is also selected in different occasions. Different, only the general color rendering index Ra is used to evaluate the light quality and the visual color rendering is inconsistent with the evaluation of the light quality of the light source. Therefore, the light color of the light source with a low color rendering index Ra is not necessarily visual. difference.

Conversely, a light source having a high color rendering index Ra is not necessarily visually colored. A light source with good color rendering is to be combined with lighting applications. While paying attention to the general color rendering index Ra, it is also necessary to pay attention to R9 and other special color rendering indexes to ensure high color rendering of the light source.

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