Microsoft will provide Windows 10 and full Office 365 for the car's central control system

At this year's CES show, Microsoft also announced that it will work with brands such as Volvo, Nissan, IAV and Harman to provide Windows 10 and full Office 365 for the car's central control system.

However, it is a bit wrong to say that the car is installed on the Windows 10 system. Correctly speaking, through the ConTInuum function of Microsoft, the car's center console can "stream" Windows 10, that is, put your pen. Windows 10 in electricity, tablets and even mobile phones operate in a stream on the car center console.

The first solution Microsoft proposed for smart cars was a platform called "Sync", but unfortunately Microsoft did not join the ranks of developing next-generation car operating systems, but let QNX and BlackBerry take the lead.

Microsoft will provide Windows 10 and full Office 365 for the car's central control system

However, Microsoft is also rushing to start an alliance with automakers. In the cooperation with IAV, the ultimate goal is to allow owners or drivers to directly use laptops, tablets and mobile phones, including Skype, directly through the car's center console. Calendar and music, etc. Apps.

In cooperation with Harman, the owner or driver can use the Office 365 suite apps directly on the center console, and with the help of voice assistant Cortana, users can use Cortana to schedule meetings, reply to emails or It is directly added to the voice conference, there is no need to input any text at all, just need to ask Cortana for help.

For Volvo, it will cooperate to launch a Volvo Universal App: Volvo On Call, which allows users to directly launch a car from the bracelet directly through the Microsoft Sports Bracelet Band 2.

At present, it seems that Microsoft's car system layout, unlike Apple's CarPlay, will be pre-loaded in the car system, but mainly in the cloud and streaming, the main operating system is still installed on the user's own device. So it seems that you shouldn't have to worry about halfway through the highway, and the car system suddenly has problems with Windows Update.

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