Tunnel lighting: 2010 LED tunnel light market size can reach 300 million yuan

In 2009, the LED tunnel light market developed rapidly under the influence of factors such as overall technology improvement, gradual price decline and strong policy support.

Liu Jing, Marketing Director of Guangdong Zhonglong Transportation Technology Co., Ltd. pointed out that the sales and sales volume of LED tunnel lights increased sharply in 2009, with a market size of 160 million yuan, an increase of 300% compared with 40 million yuan in 2008. The sales volume of LED tunnel lights in mainland China is about 80,000 sets. Compared with 2008, the sales volume increased by 433%, and the unit price decreased by 20%. The scale of the LED tunnel lighting project has increased significantly, and a large-scale LED tunnel lighting project with a single contract value of more than 18 million has appeared.

At the same time, the LED tunnel light market in 2009 showed a regional distribution and market share concentration characteristics. In 2009, the distribution area of ​​LED tunnel lights was further expanded. More than ten provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have begun to apply or promote LED tunnel lights. Customers are mainly distributed in East China, South China, North China and Northeast China. Seven companies in the LED tunnel light market account for around 60% of the market. In addition, in terms of light source, the original imported light source LED tunnel light accounts for 90% of the market, while the domestic light source LED tunnel light (including the LED light source with imported chip domestic package) only accounts for 10%. Liu Jing said that the situation of several companies in the LED tunnel light market will continue in the next few years, and imported light sources will still occupy a major market share due to quality, safety, stability and patents.

Although the tunnel light market will still be occupied by major companies for some time, other LED tunnel light companies still have the opportunity to enter the market. Liu Jing said that at present, the owners of LED tunnel lights are very cautious. Generally, LED tunnel lights are subject to rigorous testing. After approval, they will be gradually adopted. Therefore, high-quality products are important for LED tunnel light enterprises to enter the market. Chips.

At present, domestic LED tunnel lights have some problems in terms of standards and technologies. Among them, the lack of relevant standards is an important factor affecting the development of LED tunnel lights. At present, tunnel lamp enterprises have different practices and different understandings, which is not conducive to the specification of LED tunnel light market. In addition, technical aspects, power supply and LED life mismatch, heat dissipation problems and dimming methods also affect the development of LED tunnel lights, and we must focus on solving them in the future. Liu Jing said that in the future, the dimming mode of LED tunnel lights may be developed in the direction of wireless dimming and wireless control.

In the future, the proportion of tunnel lights will gradually increase in the application of LED in the field of transportation lighting. Liu Jing believes that the domestic traditional tunnel lamp usage is about several million sets, and the current LED tunnel lights are mainly used for new construction projects, and the number of traditional tunnel lamp replacement will gradually expand in the future. In 2010, we will continue to eliminate technologies that are not suitable for market development. Prices will be further lowered. The LED market will continue to grow substantially on the basis of 2009. The market size of LED tunnel lights in 2010 may reach 300 million yuan.

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