From the norm and support to deepen the LED lighting benchmark index (Figure)

LED lighting, as the “sweet” in recent years, is widely used in various indications, displays, decorations, etc. because it is called the fourth-generation lighting source or green light source. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life and small size. Backlights, general lighting and urban night scenes. There are more than 3,000 companies involved in the semiconductor lighting industry in China, including more than 2,000 application companies, about 600 large-scale packaging companies, and 42 extension and chip companies. After the development in recent years, the prototype of China's LED industry chain has been formed, but it is still weak in the corresponding key equipment. At the same time, the competition of some regional enterprises is excessively fierce, and the homogenization of enterprises is more serious.

The LED industry is one of the key points for the development of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province. According to the data, in 2009, the LED lighting industry in Guangdong Province reached 39 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of more than 25%. It also has a group of enterprises with independent innovation capabilities, and established the first LED industry alliance in the country. The product benchmarking standard of Zhongshan City was introduced, which is the first industry standard in Guangdong Province to introduce regional reforms.


The rapid growth of LED lighting is inseparable from the fact that people are increasingly aware of environmental protection and health. Businesses rely on green and environmental protection to drive the whole industry to reach a consensus with consumers. However, this kind of tacit understanding with the gradual introduction of regional industry standards, for the production strength and enterprises with a good sales network, is undoubtedly a smattering of competitors. At the same time, for some companies that are not mature in development, it may be a defrosting.

Therefore, the introduction of industry standards is also a double-edged sword. Only the norm will give a lot of impact to some growing enterprises; only support can not reflect product differentiation and market competitiveness. Therefore, when local governments or industries introduce relevant industry standards, if they can combine norms and support, optimize stratification and grading guidance, perhaps this regional enterprise growth will undoubtedly improve the overall comprehensiveness and enhance competition. force. At that time, presumably, a large number of enterprises can not only pass the test but also get excellent.

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