LED display procurement project competitive negotiation announcement

Title: LED Display Procurement Project Competitive Negotiation Announcement Tender No.: Announcement Date: May 18, 2009 Deadline: May 26, 2009 Tendering Agency: Zoucheng Construction Bureau Province: Shandong Province - Jining City Content: Zoucheng Zhicheng Construction Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. was commissioned by Zoucheng Construction Bureau to conduct competitive negotiations on the Zoucheng Cultural Square and the museum LED display procurement project. Now qualified suppliers are welcome to participate in this competitive negotiation.

I. Procurement project name: Zoucheng Culture Square and Museum LED Display Purchasing Project

Second, the source of funds: government investment.

Third, the project overview and procurement project content:

1. Outdoor full-color LED display (approx. 50m2), installation location: Zoucheng Culture Square;

2, outdoor full-color LED display (about 50m2), installation location: Zoucheng Museum Guangchang

Fourth, negotiating supplier qualification requirements:

1. The bidder must be a producer of tender goods with independent legal personality in China (not accepting the bid of the consortium)

2. The registered capital is more than 10 million yuan.

3. The bidder must be an enterprise engaged in the production and sale of LED electronic display for more than 5 years (including the registration time of the business license).

4. The bidder has a successful case of a full-color LED display with a single contract price of 1 million yuan or more and a waterproof standard meeting IP65 requirements. (providing the original contract)

5, with product certification, quality management system certification

6, have a good performance ability (advanced production line, good financial situation)

5. Documents must be carried when registering:

1. The original copy of the business license;

2. The original legal representative certificate or the original authorization letter of the enterprise legal person (the principal must carry the original valid ID card);

3. Margin payment certificate;

The above information is original and a copy of the official seal of the supplier is also provided.

6. Time and place for the sale of competitive negotiation documents:

1. Time for the sale of competitive negotiation documents: May 18, 2009 to May 22, 2009 (except statutory public holidays and legal holidays), daily from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm, from 2 pm to 5 pm Time (Beijing time).

2. Location: Zoucheng Tendering Center (No. 1966, West Outer Ring Road, Zoucheng City, North of University Science and Technology Park).

7. The following fees must be submitted when purchasing competitive negotiation documents:

1. The data fee for competitive negotiation documents is RMB 150, which is not refundable after sale;

2. The deposit is submitted when obtaining competitive negotiation documents, and should be in the form of wire transfer or peer check reversal. The margin of other forms of deposit and non-bidding applicant account will be rejected. Please contact the contact person Pan Aicheng for the amount of the deposit. phone.

Banks and accounts that accept negotiation deposits:

Account Name: Office of Zoucheng Bidding Management Committee

Bank of deposit: Bank of China Co., Ltd. Zoucheng Mine Branch

Bank account

Eight, the submission of the response file:

The deadline for submission of response documents (bid deadline, the same below) is 14:00 on May 26, 2009, and the location is the opening room of Zoucheng Tendering Center (No. 1966, West Outer Ring Road, Zoucheng, North of University Science and Technology Park) .

9. The announcement of this competitive negotiation was also announced at the Zoucheng Tendering Network () and the China Procurement and Bidding Network ().

Ten, contact information

Purchaser: Zoucheng Construction Bureau

Purchasing Agency: Zoucheng Zhicheng Construction Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. Company Name: Zoucheng Zhicheng Construction Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. Contact: Pan Aicheng Tel: 0537-5994948, 5272266 E-mail: Fax: 0537-5296400 Postal Code : 273500 Address: 2166 Dongtan Road, Zoucheng City

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