Nanjing LED Industry Development Forum attracts attention

Nanjing LED (Semiconductor Light Emitting Diode) Industry Development Forum was held recently at Nanjing International Expo Center. LED industry experts from home and abroad and representatives of government departments and local enterprises in Nanjing conducted a warm and direct dialogue. The development of this emerging industry is becoming clearer in the perspective of the parties.

"Nanjing LED industry achieved sales plan of more than 15 billion yuan by 2012, divided into four major product groups of LCD backlight, lighting, devices and display screens, of which LED lighting sales plan is 2 billion yuan." When it came out, the "temperature" in the 209 conference room of the Expo Center suddenly increased.

Sitting in the second row of Nanjing Henderson representatives stood up and said that this year can be regarded as the first year of LED industry development, it is expected that there will be explosive development in the market, only the streetlights in LED lighting, the market is huge, Nanjing The output value of enterprises in lighting should be far more than 2 billion yuan.

The voice here has not fallen. The representative of the CLP Panda took over and agreed. The lighting business of CLP Panda integrates the lighting of the original Huadian and Sanle, and has a series of plans for development in the LED field.

The head of Philips Asia Pacific believes that technology leadership is important, and practical application innovation can also win the market. Philips' LED lights are very popular abroad, and the core components are also the products of the international leading companies in procurement, but they are actually applied. A lot of patents provide consumers with the most practical products.

Compared with the enthusiasm of the company, Chen Hao, a professor from Tsinghua University, is obviously calm. He said that the scientific research industry in the Yangtze River Delta has outstanding advantages, but as an emerging industry, many cities across the country are making efforts to promote the LED industry. The technology of LED is too fast. The planning of Nanjing should be forward-looking and the investment should be more decisive. Learn from the overcapacity of the domestic PV industry due to the rush of overcapacity.

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