Solar panels go to China to build factories

The United States’ “The New York Times” reported this morning that thanks to the US$43 million U.S. government’s funding, U.S. Evergreen Solar has grown to become the third largest manufacturer of solar panels in the United States in the past three years.

However, at the end of March, Evergreen Solar will shut down US factories, lay off 800 people, and transfer the entire production of the company to mainland China. The U.S. company will use the higher subsidy from the Chinese government to cooperate with a Chinese joint venture.

According to the report, Evergreen Solar is known for inventing a new silicon crystal pulling technology, which can reduce the amount of polysilicon by about half compared to other mainstream technologies.

U.S. research institutes and many investors have bet on this technology, but due to competition from China, Evergreen Solar’s ​​wafers and components have not achieved the combined advantages of cost and quality expected in the past two years. Has been running at a loss. Although small-volume production capacity has been transferred to a Wuhan plant in China last year or produced by a processing partner in China, the company's operating conditions have not been fundamentally improved.

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