HTC wildfire G8

HTC Incrdible still adopts the classic straight shape, and a 3.7-inch AMOLED material touch screen, this material screen is not only clear and natural in the display effect, but also has the effect of saving electricity, thus enhancing the battery life. In addition, the aircraft has a 8 million pixel camera, supports auto focus, dual LED flash and digital zoom and other functions.

Wildfire has a 5 megapixel camera, and uses the latest Sense interface, which adds Friend Stream social platform, and supports multi-touch. The biggest feature of this machine is the combination of app software download and social interaction, which means you can invite your friends through Twitter, Facebook or email to download the software that you think is good in the Android Market. Facebook's integration of resources is more complete. When your friend calls or you play a phone call, it will automatically display the avatar on your Facebook friend. The recent status will automatically prompt you if your friend's birthday is approaching.

HTC has publicly acknowledged that Wildfire is very similar to Microsoft's Kin in finding the group. In short, HTC wants to make this machine not only cheap and practical, but also more social. However, the ideal of whether this machine can help HTC achieve "civil society" depends largely on the pricing of this machine. However, HTC has the confidence to control the cost. Abandoning the HVGA resolution screen instead of using a QVGA resolution screen is also a way to control costs. However, the user's visual experience may be discounted.

In order to minimize costs, Wildfire has done a full article on hardware, this machine does not support 3D acceleration like Desire, this may be more power. This machine is equipped with a 1300 mAh battery and a powerful CPU. The screen is slightly slower when viewed from landscape to portrait. However, this is not a big problem, although the screen resolution is reduced compared to Hero. , but the touch response is still very fast. Similarly, the slightly tilted chin is HTC's consistent design style. In any case, HTC Wildfire is heading in this direction.

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