Shanxi Jinyu Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. required soda tender

As entrusted by Shanxi Jinhua Coal Power Company Limited, the following goods and services required by Shanxi Jinyu Coal & Electric Co., Ltd. are subject to open tender in China. Interested qualified bidders are invited to seal the bid for the project. The contents of bids and notes are as follows:

First, the tender number: SXSN201612H11/01
II. Project Name: Soda ash tendering required by Shanxi Jinrong Coal & Electricity Co., Ltd.
Third, the source of funds: self-financing
Fourth, the tender content: see the schedule
Six, bidder qualification requirements:
The Bidder shall be an enterprise legal person or an authorized qualified agent registered within the territory of the People's Republic of China that can independently bear civil liabilities, has more than three years of engaged in the manufacture of tendered goods, and has good social reputation and ability to perform contracts, and can provide advanced Reliable products and good after-sales service. In the past three years, in the bidding and bidding activities or other commercial activities, there must be no cases of being notified or terminated by the relevant competent authorities due to bribery, bid-marriage, fraud, or other unlawful and illegal behaviors.
Qualified bidders who are interested must bring the following documents to Shanxi Stone Negotiation Agency Co., Ltd. to purchase the bidding documents or request further information.
(1) Production qualification certificate for the bid product (original copy and original copy);
(2) Business license (original copy and original copy);
(3) Legal representative's power of attorney or letter of introduction (original);
(4) ID card of the authorized person (original and photocopy);
(5) Provide the records of the criminal records of bidders within the validity period issued by the local or Jincheng People's Procuratorate.
(6) The agent must provide the valid commissioned distribution certificate (original) issued by the manufacturer.
Seventh, the tender documents for sale and requirements:
Registration time is from December 30, 2016 to January 6, 2017, daily from 8:00 to 11:30 in the morning, and from 14:00 to 17:30 in the afternoon (except Beijing time and holidays).

Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

Neck bluetooth headset - a bluetooth headset with headphone cables or accessories running from the neck to the ear when wearing. It is a product developed in recent years.

Born: in order to solve the boring when running or control the exercise rhythm, many people choose to listen to music,however, experienced people all know that because of the swing in the process of exercise, the earphones are easy to fall off, which makes it difficult to run coherently and constantly ,under this circumstance, the bluetooth neckband headphones was designed.


1: There is no restrained from headphone cables.

2: In line with the development trend of headphones: From the perspective of the development trend of consumer headphones, bluetooth neckband headphones should be regarded as the general trend. Whether it is sports headset or head-worn headset, many manufacturers are vigorously developing bluetooth headset to occupy the market.

3: Not affected by audio interface

More and more flagship mobile phones are also trying to cancel the audio interface, which is the important reason for the generation of bluetooth neckband headset. As long as the device that supports bluetooth music play is ok, the audio interface will not be considered.

4: No burden when running

Sports neck hanging bluetooth headset is light and easy to wear, more convenient and fast storage, no knot, more relaxed entertainment sports, let you run zero burden.

5: Waterproof and sweat-proof are very important

When exercising, people will sweat a lot, which may cause some damage to the ears. The bluetooth neckband headphones adopts the IPX5 waterproof design, which is more suitable for sports scenes. Especially in summer, when sweat is easy to happen, it is necessary to use the bluetooth neckband headphones.

Bluetooth Neckband Headphones

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