What is the most important function of the network set-top box?

TV is a partner for every family to learn about news and current events and enrich their lives. However, as the Internet becomes more and more developed, more families will choose to use a computer instead of a TV. However, if the Internet and TV can be combined, it will also bring more convenience to the family's viewing.
The existence of the set-top box is to satisfy this demand. After several years of development, the set-top box combines with the intelligent system to act as a living room computer. You can watch online TV and watch TV programs at any time.

The most important function of the network set-top box is to watch video resources on the Internet by connecting to the Internet. Its biggest difference from ordinary set-top boxes is that because of relying on the Internet, its resources are very large. Users do not have to passively appreciate the television station's arrangement, but can, according to their own wishes, have a choice of programs they love to watch.

First, on-demand function

Here is to say that the network set-top box can broadcast the movie video and TV drama you want to watch. There are also various news and entertainment videos. This network set-top box is rich in content and large in information on-demand.

Second, live broadcast function

The live broadcast is synchronized with the regular TV. This is nothing to say. The only thing that can be said is that there are more TV shows to watch and the program schedule can be selected. Don't watch TV on one jumping platform!

Third, the game features

This game has related games in the network set-top box. You can use the remote controller to play games with the TV. This game can choose the game content you want to play.

Fourth, video function

This network top box does a very good job. If there are wonderful TV programs and movies that can be recorded first, it's fine to enjoy it later.

2.5G Duplex Transeciver

Fiber optic transceivers usually have the following basic characteristics:
1. Provide ultra-low latency data transmission.
2. It is completely transparent to the network protocol.
3. A dedicated ASIC chip is used to realize data line-speed forwarding. Programmable ASIC concentrates multiple functions on one chip, and has the advantages of simple design, high reliability, and low power consumption, which can enable equipment to obtain higher performance and lower cost.
4. Rack-type equipment can provide hot-swappable functions for easy maintenance and uninterrupted upgrades.
5. The network management equipment can provide functions such as network diagnosis, upgrade, status report, abnormal situation report and control, and can provide a complete operation log and alarm log.
6. Most equipment adopts 1+1 power supply design, supports ultra-wide power supply voltage, and realizes power supply protection and automatic switching.
7. Support an ultra-wide operating temperature range.
8. Support complete transmission distance (0~120km).

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