The old ambiguity is a thousand miles away, not just feelings I can also fight - Logitech Logitech G500s mouse

Before participating in the test of the SaiRui Rival 700 mouse, after all the tests, he looked at his aging Logitech G500s and he was really filled with emotion. Whether it was his own brother's G502 or Sairui's new Rival 700, they were all equipped with 16 million colors. RGB glare, the latter is even black technology such as OLED and mouse vibration are used, so I had to feel a bit sorry for their G500s. Look at the small shadow of the G500s after Rival700 is really sad.

When I was playing games, especially when I was playing FPS games like CS, I particularly liked to go to the Internet cafe with a good mouse, because it would make my own achievements better and I could show off my friends B, At that time, if you see a person who brings a peripheral to an Internet cafe, he must stand behind him for a period of time. Then he will sneak at the server he enters and then he will abuse him (or be abused by him) to solve his problems. Hate. Until the college bought his first Microsoft IE3.0 to be embarked on their own way to have peripherals. But at the time there was no money for an IE3.0 will have to save their own time, only enough for a month, so when I IE3.0 wear and tear can not be normal after a good play and then want to buy another one only discovered that the entire computer city has no this mouse (at that time the electricity supplier just started, not yet exposed to Taobao this platform, computer peripherals accessories Have to run Computer City).

After so many years has passed, more and more used mouse, from Microsoft's IE3.0 to IO1.1 and then Microsoft seems to be no trace on the mouse, and since then I entered the embrace of Logitech (this also thanks to the Internet cafes At that time, he went into a cyber cafe called "Netcom Homeland" and discovered that the Internet bar was using a mouse called MX518. It felt very good at the moment.) At this point, I invested in Logitech's arms and used the MX518 G400 G400S and finally put G500s into her arms. When the G500s feels like a mouse that fits his hand, the decision is him. Fortunately, now I don't need to find the embarrassment of going to the market when the mouse breaks down like I did in college.

This is the recommended link of Zhang Aunt when I stocked goods: (Although it is not the lowest price, but with the price of the white bar is also good 189 purchase)

Now the G500s on the second-hand Donghe Logitech Mall has been removed from the market.

After the test, I suddenly thought of the G500s I had previously thrown in the warehouse and I did not remove the packaging. If I think carefully about what is bad, we have to have a six months out of the box and a simple evaluation.

Six months later, the outer Jingdong bags were not removed, but the glue at the sealing area had yellowed and liquefied. Looks dirty.

After unpacking, I looked down and put my heart down. Fortunately, the packaging was in good condition. The tape inside the seal had no secondary paste and traces of fingerprints.

Come together with competitor Rival 700

From the positive comparison, it can be seen that the outer packaging of the G500s is one lap larger than that of the Rival 700.

After leaving the box, the mouse was quietly lying in the packaging. From the perspective of packaging methods, Logitech really lacked creativity (after all, three years ago).

Both sides of the mouse box indicate various parameters of the mouse, including the mouse size, maximum dpi, friction coefficient, and the applicable system platform.

Inside the mouse package door and Logitech's description of his technology

Whole mouse and accessories family portrait

At the time, after using Logitech generations of mouses, one of the reasons that eventually made the G500s the most suitable mouse for me was because of this counterweight, and I still liked it after returning with the G502's magnetic suction. The G500s has such a way of counterweight, so we continue to insist on not upgrading.

The mouse interface is ordinary, not gold plated, ah, silver, etc.

The mouse money is made of braided thread material, which is the same as the long line of the Rival 700. However, it does not have a detachable function.

Although I feel a bit redundant, but I still popped the counterweight and recorded it. At that time, it was a demonstration for the students who did not understand this mouse.

After finding and installing the weight of their most comfortable weight, we can officially start playing happily.

Of course, before you have a good drive: link

Choose your own operating system before downloading the driver. There are two options for MAC and WINDOWS. There are different versions of 32-bit and 64-bit under WINDOWS. Be sure to select before downloading.

G500s drive is relatively simple, you can set up some macro commands for each key, and then change the mouse 5 DPI values ​​and mouse returns.

For the game Rival 700's driver interface, I feel the G500s's driver interface is simple and simple.

In addition to setting the oled screen, the RGB color change of the mouse can also be used to set the application software of the mouse button to open.

And in this point of view, the simple G500s still fits me perfectly. (It's true that I can't eat grapes and say that the grapes are sour!)

The following is a screenshot of the test on the 2 mouse test software:

Mouse Rate Checker:

From the test results can be more obvious that the mouse under different dpi feedback rate in use are relatively stable. To ensure the stability of the use of the mouse.

Areson Mouse Test:

From the test chart, the return point in the movement trajectory of the mouse during the test can be displayed, which also ensures the mouse's sensitivity and mellow feeling when using the mouse.

Of course, when it comes to the use of Logitech's mouse, one has to say a problem, that is, Logitech's use of domestic Omron white point micro-easy to produce a combo phenomenon, which occurred in several generations of Logitech mouse has continued from mx518.

There are many posts and tips on changing your own micro-motion on the Internet. I will not go into details here, but I will tell you about some of the drawbacks of this mouse.

In addition to the problem of the left and right mouse buttons, the Logitech G500s also have a problem that is not a problem (this varies from person to person). That is the side key feel, the side keys of the G500s, and the dpi selection keys are used for the metal patch type. The fretting is not an all-in-one fretting, so it feels as if the press down and rebound are weak and there is no crisp sound.

Snap-type fretting of side keys

Having said something wrong, let's talk about the glory of the G500s. It was Logitech's MicrroGear dual-mode scroll wheel. I also recorded a small video display. The video was slightly lower than expected.

As far as the principle is concerned, I don't really understand it, but it feels very silky when it comes to operating web pages quickly from top to bottom. The way to use it is to press the button after the mouse wheel, when the mouse roll is no scale damping, it can be silky roll.

Well, let's write about the G500s story and my personal knowledge. I hope my mouse and mouse in your mind can accompany you for a longer time.

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