Unstoppable Beauty - Nubia Nubian Z11 Smartphone Evaluation Report

Everyone knows, the Jellyfish test has met with everyone again. We all have a lot of urgency and attention, and that's what it is.

This article will maintain the always relaxed style of jellyfish, to bring us the evaluation of Nubian Z11.

The evaluation machine was very fast this time. Yes, this is Aunt Zhang.

Speaking of borderless phones, the two models I used were Sharp's 306sh and Sony's Xperia XA. Coincidentally, these two frameless (microborder) phones have been positioned as cheap phones. Sharp 306sh's borderless really shocking, bone conduction technology even the top border are saved, but this borderless design as long as there will be a slight bump in the screen will be a problem, so after the sharp border has changed back to micro frame. Sony Xperia XA also tried for some time, why do you say so, because the evil of Sony has not been out of the entire Netcom's mobile phone, for a user of telecommunications, that Sony can only sigh, Sony rarely out of support telecommunications The network of mobile phones, including the flagship Z5, did not support the telecommunications network either. Xperia XA is a micro-frame, bright screen can see the black side, and inherits the Sony family's usual fever (hot) spirit. This also made me look forward to the performance of the Nubian Z11 without borders.

The first impression of getting the package to me was still very good, because it was the packaging of mirror plastic boxes, which was still very high on the packaging compared to the ordinary carton-packed mobile phones. The sense of neatness is also quite sufficient. The box does not resemble the OPPO. The bigger gift box in vivo is more compact.

The relevant parameters and a brief introduction of this Z11 are written on the back of the box. You can see this is the standard version (4G RAM + 64G ROM) silver.

Configuration: Android 6.0 system, Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 processor, 4G RAM + 64G ROM, 5.5-inch FHD screen, no border design. 16 million pixels (IMX298), F/2.0 aperture, phase focus, OIS optical + EIS electronic image stabilization camera.

The camera has to mention, Z11 increased EIS electronic anti-shake and phase focus than Z9. Phase focus is currently standard on many domestic machines, but OIS Optical + EIS Electronic Image Stabilization is still relatively rare.

How nice it was to lie quietly in the box. The box has a two-tiered design, and there is another layer underneath it.

Red data cable, headphone cable is also red. Comes with a headset, still very conscientious. The included headset is a Nubian sound Pro headset at 149 yuan on the official website. It looks good.

In addition to data lines, chargers and headphones, a type-c port is also included to facilitate the use of normal micro USB data lines.

The first hand-held feeling, the long vertical design and no borders give a one-handed grip a nice experience. Plus the all-metal fuselage (of course, some people think that Nubia should use the glass backboard), whether it is glass or metal, feel very good, is the texture of this price should be, or even better.

This I thought it was a bonus sticker that could be posted. It was actually just a small card and it couldn't be posted. This sign is pretty good to see. It is Nubia's charity program.

The Nubia Foundation for Charities, for every nubia smartphone sold, has a dollar invested in the Foundation. The power of thinness, to warm a small heart, although not a lot of money, but also accumulated a lot, support.

Instructions and warranty card together, multi-fold design, champagne gold.

When it comes to warranty, Nubian's after-sales and warranty must be mentioned. The friend Nubian Maverick 2 was used by him to brush into a brick, and after sale still gives free warranty repair, compared with many other domestic brands, Nubia's after-sales service is still very good, of course, is still not advocating white free brush of.

In terms of design, nubia Z11 uses a metal body design. It's a lot lighter than the previous Z9.

The nubia Z11's body size is only 72.3mm wide, which is less than the recently-acclaimed one plus 3 (74.7mm width). I don't need to say much about the Z11's feel. It's really good, and the one-handed grip is much better than the iPhone 6SP with the same size screen.

The top uses the "big white" "(-)" design as most domestic mainstream mobile phones, but the big white is a bit of a size. At the top are front camera, earpiece and light sensor. It is quite satisfactory.

The side is very simple are the power button and volume control keys. The volume control keys are all-in-one, unlike the iPhone, made of "+" and "-" separated. The other side is more concise with only one slot.

Because the nubia Z11's screen panel is thinner, the edge of the screen is more finely affixed to the metal frame, and 2.5D glass transitions are used. Also no longer see nubia Z9 above the glass transition glue traces, the process level has increased a lot.

Because of the all-metal body design, the nubia Z11 is 15% thinner than the nubia Z9 on the glass backplane. The actual thickness is similar to the iPhone 6s and its thickness is only 7.5mm.

Someone will certainly say how jellyfish you wrote so many appearances haven't finished yet, because the big selling point of this phone is the appearance without borders.

Compared to the face of high face value, the back side is a little cheap, of course, after all, the all-metal body, this simple design is nothing bad, not as ugly as I imagined. By the way, the fingerprint unlocking on the back is touch type and cannot be pressed.

The common three-segment design used on the back is that the plastic and metal areas of the two antennas are very close together and are very thin and metallic. It feels like two cuts are made in the entire back panel, but it's easy to get filth when it's recessed, and clean when it's not shelled.

Finally introduced the appearance, then look at how to actually get started experience.

Let's start it

When I switched on the power button and turned it on to a pure black boot background, my heart did not fluctuate. In fact, Nubia originally had an ID borderless mobile phone, ID really does not look good without borders.

When I saw the power of the transition scene thanks to the picture when the feeling is really shocking, no border really blow, than those ID no border do not know where to go. The Z11's borderless design is even narrower than Sony's XA, and the Sony XA can clearly open to the black side after a bright screen.

And the Nubian Z11 uses a 5.5-inch screen with a high proportion of up to 81% of the screen, plus Z11 is the use of a physical touch button, Sony XA is the cable of the Dafa family has always been a virtual button, leading to a large empty positive Chin, here is a critique.

According to the official use of aRC2.0 technology, 2.5D glass arc surface, the refraction of light, showing boundless vision. Simply put, it is to use the method of light refraction, hide the black border area of ​​the screen itself, and refraction the edge of the ultra-narrow border.

Of course, aRC technology is also used in the previous Z9, and the effect is also very good. However, there will be rainbow patterns on the edge of the screen, just like the tempered film on the edge of a 2.5D glass cell phone. I do not know if this phenomenon has improved on Z11.

Boot into the welcome settings interface, in the oblique angle, you can still see the phenomenon of rainbow lines, but in the front will look much better, almost can not see, this is much better than the Z9 above, there are rainbow patterns in white The background is more obvious, almost no visible in other color backgrounds.

The rainbow pattern problem is to be honest, it does appear in white and some light and light backgrounds. It can also be seen in the case of 360° rotation of the mobile phone, but it is much better than the Z9. The value is still worth it.

Regardless of the rainbow pattern, this screen has brought me a very good feeling. The second generation of Pixel Eyes display, 403PPI, 500nit. Although not as good as Samsung S7's screen, it is also very good in the same price range.

On the system side, nubia Z11 runs nubia UI 4.0 based on Android 6.0. Compared to the previous Android 5.1 nubia UI 3.5, or do a lot of improvements, delete complex and simple, more concise and practical.

In fact, the UI has always been a short board for Nubia, from the previous use logic is not reasonable and the interaction interface is not good enough. Simplified use of logic to improve the quality of the theme UI.

The theme of Nubia's theme market is of good quality. They should all be officially designed and launched. No third-party users upload it, and all are free! All free! All free! The important things are said three times, but I feel that these themes are not concise enough. I haven't picked themes that meet my taste in a circle. However, the theme of these themes must be suitable for the little girls, a bit of meaning in the vivo and OPPO themed stores, but also a few. Not many domestic mobile phone theme stores are all free brands, and you do not need to register an account like Xiaomi.

The topic of the theme market is also the theme of Elven treasure dreams. But generally I do not like to use this theme, because it can't redraw all the application icons like the hammer Smartisan OS, so it will look a bit off. In a nutshell, Nubia's UI has been greatly improved and it looks good, but it's not my food. Continue to work hard.

Nubia UI 4.0 adds more useful new features, such as application avatars, lock screen pictorials, FiT 2.0 gestures & edge touch, super screenshots, split screen multitasking, global roaming and more.

Application avatars:

This feature has become very hot this year, is basically a feature of the domestic mobile phone standard, Nubian built in the mobile phone WeChat, QQ and other application avatar functions, as long as set in the settings avatar, you can easily double open WeChat, QQ avoids the risk of unadapted or unsafe third-party software. However, this feature is not very useful to me, but there must be a lot of people using this feature.

Lock screen pictorial:

Lock screen pictorial as you wish. Each time the screen is lit, it is a brand new wallpaper. Every wallpaper is accompanied by a piece of text. It starts with the lighting of the screen. And because it's not an ID without borders, you can throw off the black wallpaper with a border and experience the simplest beauty.

And you can share the pictorial with your friends, and you can also customize the recommended content in the settings. In fact, Xiaomi also has the function of the lock screen pictorial, but if you don't agree, you can push the advertisement.

Gesture operation & edge touch:

In the personality function, Nubia has obviously spent a lot of thoughts, such as FiT 2.0 technology (Frame interactive Technology), which is the new gesture function, it can also be called edge touch.

However, this feature is as expensive as the 3D-Touch on the iPhone, and it is very cool to use in front of friends. In practice, I will still use traditional methods of operation. There is also a point that although each function has a guide, but the operation The function is too much, I usually use only the bilateral sliding adjustment brightness (if you can customize, I want to change the volume), flip the page to select the application function and repeatedly slide clean the background I also know, but are not commonly used, of course This is because of people.

Super screenshot:

Although Super screenshot function was added, the Nubian Z11 still keeps the most common and fastest Android native short volume “+,-” and power key combination shots. I turned off Changchao's fingerprint unlocking and opening super screenshots, because the Z11's fingerprint is not touch-type, and the habitual hand will touch it. You can still use the "+, -" and power button to make a super screenshot function after you turn off the phone.

The screen recording function is also integrated in the super screenshot function, so you no longer have to go to the developer options to find it. There will be a recording timer and stop button after it is turned on.

The actual screen recording effect has been converted to GIF format.

Split screen multitasking:

In fact, split-screen multitasking I just got the phone accidentally called out this feature, you can slide on the split screen. Nubia's powerful split-screen functionality supports almost all third-party applications. When any interface is sliding, the screen is instantly divided into two. When the screen is vertical, the screen supports up and down split screens. When the screen is horizontal, it supports left and right split screens.

And the part of the split screen application can also be dragged.

Global Roaming:

This virtual operator's global roaming service can't remember which brand was the first to do it. Just remember that after MIUI was added, it became another standard feature of domestic mobile phones. Nubia roams 50 countries and regions, and more than 90% of the people visit the travel and business destinations. Using the destination local tariff method, you can enjoy unlimited traffic as low as 15 yuan per day. No need to replace the mobile phone SIM card, just buy the corresponding national package in the Nubia roaming app. Apple users are still very concerned about this feature, unfortunately not, iOS is not open even with NFC queries, of course, this feature is not even more.

The virtual operator service is provided by Redtea Mobile.

Other functions:

Nubian Music: Based on the shrimp music, I seem to see the advertisement of vivo Song Zhongji in the lower left corner.

Easy mode: Yes, this is an old man.

App Store: The app store experience is OK. It's cleaner and there are no recommendations for bad apps. The mobile phone is pre-installed with a variety of commonly used APPs. Of course, users can also delete them according to their own needs.

Security steward: As the Android-based 6.0 and the current domestic UI environment, the mobile phone permission options can all be managed, APP permissions can also be turned on and off individually, this praise, save a lot of trouble, but also more secure.

Inadequate: This drop-down notification bar cannot be customized or dragged. For example, if I want to add NFC function to it, the answer is no.

There is also a choice of dual antennas and single antennas in the setup, decisive dual antennas. There are custom breathing lights and key settings.

The brightness of the following three touch button lights can also be adjusted, the middle of the red circle also played the role of breathing lights, there is news and charging will be bright.


3DMark scored nearly 30,000 points in an endless test.

Scored as high as 2993 points in ES3.0, this is still very excited! This score also proves that you can play most of the big games on mobile phones.

Ann Bunny:

Nubia Z11 is equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 64-bit processor, a total of 4GB+64GB and 6GB+128GB combination of two options (my 4GB+64GB standard version) built-in Adreno 530 graphics processor.

The entertainment rabbits have a 13.7-million-point run, which is basically the same as that of a platform equipped with the same platform. Of course, it is for reference only.

CPU Z11 as a flagship use of 14nm FinFET LPP technology Qualcomm Xiaolong 820, 4Kryo independent architecture core (that is, we often say 4 core, of course, Qualcomm 820's 4 core is of course to smash MediaTek Helio X20 X25 10 core processor , how much more nuclear, is not a nuclear 9 core like it, like, the highest frequency up to 2.15GHz (of which the highest frequency of two cores is 1.6GHz).

Nubian Z11's flash memory (memory) is more controversial, my standard version of the hand is using EMMC5.0 64G Samsung storage particles, not EMMC5.1. Also did not use ufs2.0. Use Androbench flash read and write: 4K read: 21.63MB / s 4K with write: 7.08MB / s, still slower than ufs2.0, but in the actual use and application open, game reading differences Not great. And this performance is equivalent to Sony xperia x performance that also uses EMMC.

Say so much data, then talk about how the actual game and usage experience:

I actually do not play mobile games, but this is also an important part of mobile testing.

The FIFA16 was tested to be perfectly smooth and the reading speed was faster.

After switching off the power-saving mode and automatically optimizing the CPU, there was an occasional down-clocking in the game. The effect was a slight decrease in the number of frames, but there was no problem with the delay of the Caton and the game could be played smoothly. , and in the game for a long time in the game heat and power consumption is very good, low calorie does not appear to have a rapid power-down situation.

Daily use:

After the intelligent power saving is not turned on and the intelligent power saving is turned on, the difference is still relatively large. If you do not need to run large games and split screens frequently, turning on smart power saving is a good choice. After all, you will still have excess performance in the light of normal use.

Metaphysics curve Aunt Zhang, CPU is relatively stable, in the case of frequent switching background and background applications, can ensure full operation of low-frequency quad-core operation.

After starting up, the available storage is about 65%. There are also surpluses after running the tasks and the resident background. The 4G storage is still enough to use, and it can be regarded as more than enough.

In terms of online video playback, due to optimization of the metal fuselage and Nubian power saving, long-term viewing hardly feels fever. It's so much better than having a fever on a table than a rope.

The Nubian Z11 is basically a feature that all have, and no shortage. Infrared, NFC also has, of course, these two features belong to perhaps I do not, but you can not do without.

Infrared remote control: The use of native APP can control the infrared device well without downloading third-party software.

NFC: Evil, actually like the iPhone is not open, although the built-in NFC module, but can not be used, test read bus card and NFC stickers will not work, in the paste it to see other users have this problem, but Alipay can Read, do not know if it is for security reasons.

I seem to know why its drop-down notification bar does not have an NFC option.

Nubian Z11 does not advocate the promotion of HiFi sound quality and music in publicity, but as a metaphysicist, it is necessary to introduce the sound quality of this phone and the included headphones.

Speaking of sound quality, we must first mention Nubian headsets, this law Pro headphones, in the official website sells for 149 yuan, is also the second most expensive headphones sold by Nubian official website, is still very conscience.

Of course, this headset is also very high value, there is a storage box and the plug.

The texture of the box is very good, who let me be a box control booth (┑ Д ̄)

As a bonus headset, the first and foremost thing is whether it is comfortable to wear and whether it is suitable for most people. Obviously, Nubia has done a very good job. This headset is comfortable to wear, there is no sense of depression, and the feeling of wearing is the same as that of earpods. Ordinary consumers do not need to adjust and adapt too much. The actual wearing comfort is better than my Sony 750NA.

After speaking of comfort, we must say that the sound quality, sound quality, this headset first restore the sound is very good, very clear rebound, treble and IF are considered relatively good, the bottom noise and bass are more general. But at this price, it's a very good headset.

This headset is fully capable of normal life use, in the use of these days I use this headset to listen to music on the computer to play the game, the effect is very good. The only thing I don't like is probably that the wire is a noodle line. This wider wire is easy to rub into frictional sounds.

Z11 is equipped with Qualcomm WCD9335 audio decoding chip and built-in AK4376 audio chip on mobile phone hardware. The official propaganda can achieve HiFi+ sound quality, and it is more common and the Dolby Atmos Dolby is more effective. Like the vivo X7, as a selling point, it's still not as good as listening to music.

The Dolby Panasonic sound is the standard on Lenovo, and the effect is obvious. The tuning is also relatively simple.

I have listened to several songs of different styles. I have a good sense of hearing and are quite satisfied. For several different headsets, Z11 push up is much better than 6S.

Extroverted uses SmartPA technology, but only the left speaker is on the bottom.


Nubia Z11 uses the now common single card slot dual slot design, which is the NanoSIM slot and "and or slot", and supports dual-card blind insertion.

In terms of network standards, Nubian Z11 supports full Netcom network standard, dual card dual standby, and supports VoLTE high-definition calls. As a mobile phone, how can we ignore the call, call quality is no problem, call noise reduction is also good, the contact inside the telephone attribution, service phone with a note, such as the input "95" at the beginning, it will automatically associate the bank corresponding number, and Yellow pages phone book, very convenient. Yes, that is my number. Erase two, everyone can guess.

Nubian Z11's charging is also a lot of online KOL caught black, then what they say so bad?

Nubia Z11 equipped with nubia fast charging technology, which is Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charge, 4 times faster than normal charging (normal 1A charging). The charging voltage is stable and the heat is low. The charging interface adopts the Type-C interface, which is forward and reverse blind insertion and is compatible with most chargers on the market.

The charging head is manufactured by Sercon, and it also uses Qualcomm QC fast charging protocol to support 5v/3a, 9v/2a and 12v/1.5a outputs.

Data cable adopts Type-C interface, positive and negative blind insertion, the quality of the wire is not bad, there is a tie. Well, seeing Type-C knows it's definitely not waterproof, and if Z11 is waterproof it's better.

The charging speed is quite satisfactory, not particularly fast, but it is not too slow. Compared to Samsung S7 and Fruit 6S, 6SP is much faster. The first 60 minutes of charging can reach 70% of the power, and then enter the turbulent stage. The 3000mAh battery is fully charged and takes about 130 minutes. The final slow charge can play a role in protecting the battery, mainly slow in the last 30%. The difference in actual charging speed, if you are not a person relying on measuring mobile phone to eat, basically do not feel much difference.

In terms of endurance, from the official website data, we can see 11.9 hours of instant messaging, 13.5 hours of web browsing, 6.7 hours of games, 21 hours of voice calls, and 14.5 hours of music playback. The actual cooperation with the Nubian intelligent power-saving mode is indeed more power-efficient. It does not use one night, and it consumes about 3% of the power of WiFi and the Internet.

The back fingerprint unlocking scheme is indeed very fast and accurate. There is no cut-out animation to unlock, and it can be said that the finger can be unlocked immediately.

The back fingerprint unlocking scheme is indeed very fast and accurate. There is no cut-out animation to unlock, and it can be said that the finger can be unlocked immediately.

Fingerprint entry is also very fast, but the middle does not suggest changing the position of the finger like the iPhone. It is estimated that the selected program is different.

In addition to the borderless technology mentioned at the beginning of the article, the screen has color temperature adjustment settings.

This piece of JDI II's screen, plus 500nit brightness, is very bright, with 96% color saturation, good viewing angle.

No border is good-looking.

Finally, finally to the last part, photography.

Nubian mobile phone photography has always been the focus of publicity, and it is also considered a mobile phone brand that focuses on photography. After all, it is a mobile phone that can take stars.

First of all, let me talk about the evaluation of the Nubian Z11 camera: not as good as I imagined, but very good in the domestic brands, whether it is camera playability or camera algorithms are still good. It seems that just like the S7, it's not as good as I thought. After all, taking photos now, whoever shoots before does not look for good light at all good angles, and doesn't fix it without adding a filter.

Nubia Z11 uses a camera from Sony's IMX298, 16 million pixels, F/2.0 large aperture, support for PDAF phase focus, sapphire lenses, is basically the flagship of this year's mainstream camera configuration, the same as a plus 3, etc. The main difference should be the manufacturer's algorithm, a good algorithm to maximize the lens.

The camera uses the Nubian family as a "red circle" camera design. Well, I also have a "red circle". This camera supports OIS Optical Image Stabilization + EIS Electronic Image Stabilization, combined with Nubian Handheld Image Stabilization, Triple Image Stabilization. And equipped with a dual color temperature flash.

Camera support 4K shooting, but it did not mark the number of frames, I think we all understand. Of course, the normal use of 1080P 60FPS is the right choice. The front camera also supports mirror flipping. Although I don't take selfies, I know it's a good feature because I often see the “right rudder owner” in the circle of friends.

Well, this camera interface is a bit familiar.

The closed-loop motor, in conjunction with PDAF phase focus, significantly increases the focusing speed. Can do it, fast, right, this speaks with facts.

DTI pixel isolation technology, strong light backlight, accurate color reproduction; LTM real-time color correction technology, backlight shooting, dark highlights, dark details are still visible; 3D noise reduction technology, night photographs, significantly reduce noise, the combination of these features not bad.

The Nubian Z11 has a large aperture of F/2.0, but compared with the F/2.2 aperture of the 6S, both the exposure and the color control are slightly better than the iPhone 6S.

Shooting food under indoor lighting, there is not much to pick, iPhone's daytime shooting algorithm has always been relatively good, Z11 shoot out the effect is not bad.

Of course, these two maps are all the same after the filter is added. If Nubia makes adjustments in the professional mode, the pictures taken will be better.

In terms of night shooting, we must first take a picture and talk about whether it is good or not. The Nubian Z11 performed very well in the night shooting. It is no exaggeration to say that it can be compared with the S7 night vision instrument. At night, it is very clear.

The Nubian Z11 on the left photographed in the night with both detail and brightness. The 6S on the right was dark and had serious smears. The iPhone's night shooting has always been not good, not open the flash black, open the flash and can not shoot, at night want to take a dog to the result of the two bright eyes. 6S Yes, this is true.

Although this night's ISO speed reached 4900, but the overall noise of the picture is not obvious, the details are also kept very good, but for the details of the 6S, ISO sensitivity only 2000 but there are obvious traces of smearing.

f/2 ISO-100 1/100s, this figure makes more sense. When I just finished watching it on my mobile phone, I noticed that the green brand became too bright. I thought that I would take a photo with Samsung and it would be too colorful. Ready Critique. When I got home and found it on the computer, it was actually a JDI II-generation screen pot that was bright in the display of some colors.

On the left is the effect seen on the screen of the mobile phone. The green bias of the red circle part is fluorescent green. On the right is the effect of the picture actually imported on the computer. It is also good, of course, the colors that may be seen on different screens may be different.

Nubian Z11 performed well in a bright and dark environment, showing a good level of tolerance. There are no overexposures in well-lit places, and the darker locations retain enough details and the color is also very pleasing.

The camera built-in filter effect is also good, but not fine-tuned, compared to the filter software, or not powerful enough.

In the front camera, Z11 uses an 8-megapixel front camera, 1.4μm large pixel size and f/2.4 large aperture, front self-timer has 0-10 beauty effects, support for 8 kinds of real-time filters, screen intelligence Filling the light, but the beauty effect is only microdermabrasion and whitening, there is the official website of the front camera beauty propaganda Why did you find Liu Yichen (is like it, it should not be).

The camera family's playability is very high, in addition to star tracks, slow gates, clone cameras, light paintings and motion trajectories that are included in professional cameras.

The calibration mode of the professional mode also has a feeling of deja vu. It also simulates the sound when adjusting. It's not bad. The image output of many functions in professional mode is based on analog synthesis and output, and the speed is slow, but the effect is not bad.

Clone the camera and the movement trajectory as well as the light drawing are relatively easy to use and fun.

Take a chestnut, take a look at the effect of light painting, before playing only on GORPO, playing with a mobile phone for the first time, to teach everyone a relatively simple method, do not have to buy a special highlighter to play, holding a mobile phone Turn the screen of the mobile phone to the brightest, choose a solid color wallpaper or color wallpaper to play, and don't use a flashlight.

To be a rotten cover, the Z11's light painting function is still very easy to use, even my dad will play.

"SMZDM", SM Auntie, hand-held shooting, anti-shake effect is good, if you use a tripod effect should be better.

While shooting the light, it also keeps a video of the shooting, 4 frames per second.

It is still very fun, that is, there are too many mosquitoes at night.

As for the stars, Xi'an does not even have a single star at night.

Time-lapse photography is also very good (GIF video clips and official promotional videos, shooting equipment: Nubia Z11)

If you let me comment on Nubian's photo, it can be said that it is very good at this price and in the domestic brands, but always feel that in some places it is almost meaning, as the shutter will lead to a certain waste rate , how to say, high playability, continue to work hard, but also can see that Nubia is still working hard in the field of mobile photography.

Finally came the end of a few pictures. Thanks for seeing the last friends~

to sum up:

If you let me score for Nubian Z11, out of 100 points, I can give it 90 points, in addition to EMMC5.0 and 820 have a lower frequency reduction points, I am very satisfied with other places, EMMC5.0 and 820 frequency down It doesn’t want to be serious on the Internet. If you personally use it, these two points are not so obvious. Of course, the camera optimization and the overall system and UI must continue to work. The price of Standard Edition 2499 is also a thousand dollars lower than when the Z9 was released. In the price war of domestic mobile phones, it also shows the sincerity of Nubia.

Purchase suggestion:

Z11 is not the cheapest Xiaolong 820 mobile phone, but it is also a very cost-effective Xiaolong 820, compared to other brands with the same price, but also has its own flash point and advantage, absolutely do not lose one plus 3 and ZUK Z2. The standard version of 4G+64G can also meet the usual use, but also the most cost-effective, of course, if not bad money can also buy 6G+128G. During the evaluation period, I really feel that domestic mobile phones are getting better and better. This is a good price concession. It is also an improvement in workmanship and experience. Finally, I hope that the domestic brands of mobile phones will become better and better. Globally, in today’s economic globalization, we have fully felt the sincerity of current domestic products and continue to work hard.

Last but not least, the mobile phone also depends on the eye. You can feel good about it. Apart from referring to the online evaluation and everyone's comments, you must have your own favorite, and there are some disadvantages. You can also go to the store to personally experience it. After all, there are flowers. One hundred red, different people. Finally, we also welcome everyone to pay attention to it. If you can't find it, you can also like to leave a message and share it with the partner who needs the purchase (•̀ᴗ•́) و ̑̑


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