A list of 27 financial technology unicorns

How hot the financial technology is, see how many unicorns there are. Recently, BI has compiled a list of financial technology unicorns based on data from Techcrunch and CBinsights.

Compared to the same period last year, this list has been updated a lot. Some are listed on the market, such as Lending Club and Square; others fall from the altar, and valuations have plummeted, such as Zenefits (fortunately there are still lists) and Housing.com; and companies like Powa Technologies are directly Bankruptcy.

Despite this, the number of unicorns is still three more than last year. After reading this list, it should also be easy to see the biggest one, especially: China. Although there were a lot of domestic companies listed on the list last year, this year is almost a hegemony. The huge domestic market and relatively backward financial services have also created opportunities for this.

In contrast, the U.S. fintech companies are more affluent, and in addition to lending, they also involve cloud accounting and compensation management. In addition, there are giants behind the valuation of the top domestic companies, such as Ant Financial and Lu Jin.

No. Name Valuation (US$) Domain Area Founded 27 Melt 360 billion

Financial search engine

China 2011 26 Letters and Riches
1 Billion P2P Credit Loans China

2001 (online platform started in 2011 )



One Billion Cloud Billing United States

200 7

24 Coupa 1 billion

Management expenses software platform

United States 2006 23 Building Blocks 1 Billion

P2P lending

China 2013 22 Kabbage 1 billion

Online lending

United States 2009 21

Funding Circl e


P2P lending

United Kingdom 2009 20

Compensation management

United States 2011 19 TransferWise
1.1 billion

P2P international remittance

UK 2010 18 FinancialForce 1.5 billion

Based financial services software cloud

United States 2009 17 Prosper
1.9 billion

P2P lending

United States 2005 16

Avant Credi t

2 billion online loan US 2012 15 One97 2 billion

Mobile payment

India 2000 14 Zenefits 2 billion

Human resources cloud service

United States 2013 13 Zhong An Insurance

Internet insurance

China 2013 12 GreenSky 2 Billion

Consumer installment loans supplier

United States 2006 11 Klarna 22.5 billion

Online Payment

2005 10 Adyen 2.3 billion

Online payment

2006 9 Mozido 2.4 billion

Mobile payment

United States 2005

Oscar Healt h

2.7 billion

Online health insurance

United States 2013 7

Credit Karm a

3.5 Billion Online Credit Score Enquiries U.S. 2007 6 SoFi 4 Billion

P2P lending

United States
2011 5 Stripe 5 Billion

Online payment

US 2010 4 Fun Dates 5.9 Billion

Staged shopping platform

China 2014 3 Jingdong Financial 7 Billion

Internet wealth management

China 1998 2 Lu Jinshou 18.5 billion

P2P lending

China 2011 1 Ant Financial 600 Billion

Internet financial

China 2004

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